ZebPay and WazirX: Exploring India’s Leading Cryptocurrency Exchanges

ZebPay Exchange is a safe and simple cryptocurrency exchange where you can make purchases, sales, and storage. The trade costs are fair, and the safety features are top-notch. And most of those users, come from India. If you’re an investor who is considering keeping some cryptocurrency on hand, you should use the Quick Trade tool. WazirX provides an alternate option. With over 60 lakh registered users with an average app rating of over 4 stars, WazirX has become one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges in India. WazirX still delivers one of the best and widest offerings in terms of coins and traded pairings, despite the opening of several new crypto exchanges and among all the scandals. This platform’s excellent trading charts and intuitive UI are also well-known features.

Trading Fees for ZebPay

According to its “SetCryptoFree” mission, this exchange has made significant changes to its trading cost policy, making it competitive with the best of them. ZebPay used to charge takers 0.25 percent and manufacturers 0.20 percent. However, for the moment, trading on the exchange is free of charge for any cryptocurrency. The minimum wallet balance required to take advantage of this trading cost level is zero, and neither are daily trading limits imposed on users. The trading costs assessed by this exchange are, overall, fairly low and customer-friendly.

The Safety of ZebPay

Since its establishment, ZebPay Crypto Exchange operated without incident. ZebPay users may be certain that their crypto assets are safe in their cold wallets, as these are signed with HSM on air-gapped machines in various locations across the world. Security specialists, both inside and external to ZebPay, are regularly vetting the platform as well.

Help Desk of ZebPay

Ziva (Zeb Interactive Virtual Assistant) is a chatbot you can use if you have any questions. Ziva offers a comprehensive guide to all things crypto, including how to deposit, withdraw, and trade.  There is a specific part of ZebPay Exchange devoted to answering client questions and concerns. It’s a database of information about using ZebPay, including how to sign up for an account, how to fund it with cryptocurrency, how to verify your identity, how to fix common issues, and so on. In the event of an emergency, please submit a ticket by email and you will receive a response within 24 hours.

WazirX Features

  • Rapidity of Financial Dealings

WazirX is confident in its blockchain since it is scalable and can process millions of transactions quickly.

  • An Easy-to-Use Market-Trading Interface

WazirX is a high-volume, user- and newbie-friendly cryptocurrency exchange. The interface is user-friendly, and the platform supports multiple languages. All app-enabled devices can use it without a hitch.

  • Application for Referrals

When a friend makes a transaction using a user’s referral code, that user receives half of the trading charge as a reward. In the following 24 hours, your entire days’ worth of awards will be added to your account.

  • Safety Measures

The two-factor authentication used by the exchange is an additional safeguard for your account. In addition to the KYC/AML regulations, it also has a multi-signature wallet mechanism. Additionally, 95% of the money are kept in cold storage by WazirX.

Trading on WazirX: A Quick Start Guide

In this WazirX review, it is important mention for how to get started with cryptocurrency trading:

  • Go to WazirX and sign up for an account. The software is also available for download on both iOS and Android smartphones. Sign up with your email address and a password. A confirmation email will be sent to the address you provided during registration.
  • All the essential security features must be activated now. WazirX is equipped with robust safety features to safeguard its users’ information and personal information. After all precautions have been taken, the user is prompted to enter identification details such as their country and Know Your Customer (KYC) status.
  • After initialization, the user can begin trading through the WazirX app. The exchange’s user interface is intuitive, and it allows customers to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and many more cryptocurrencies.
  • However, in order to make a purchase of cryptocurrency, a minimum deposit of INR 100 is required. By selecting the “Funds” tab or the P2P option, they can move money from their bank account into the wallet.

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