10 Common Player Issues with Online Casinos & How to Solve

These days, more people than ever are gambling online. Naturally, the government-imposed lockdowns in 2020 catapulted the interactive gaming sphere into the mainstream, but it was already surging long before COVID-19 hit. In the past few years, the rise of presenter streaming games and highly-advanced slots have driven hordes of millions to online real money casinos. That is on top of the convenience and bonuses these sites provide, which also make them a super-alluring proposition.

However, it is only sometimes calm sailing regarding luck testing via casino-style products over the Web. The practice can also feature pitfalls that make this gaming experience less enjoyable than one would hope. Ten of these get detailed below, along with potential solutions on how to go about solving these issues.  

1. Difficulty Accessing a Casino/Games

Websites and online games can malfunction due to multiple technical reasons, such as server problems. Unfortunately, there is nothing that gamblers can do when that transpires. Slots’ winning combos that are products of glitches do not get paid, and when one cannot access a site, all they can do is wait until the operator receives the platform back online. In these cases, the wisest course of action is to contact the casino team through social media or other channels and inform them of the problem, supplying them with screenshots of the complication.

2. Delayed/Slow Withdrawals

Lagging withdrawals can happen for several reasons. The primary one is selecting a payment method such as a credit/debit or a wire transfer, as these incur wait times of anywhere from three banking days up to seven, or in some situations, more. Supplying the necessary indemnity verification documents could be another cause for delayed withdrawals, as most of the top 2023 online casinos follow mandatory KYC procedures to remain active in many stricter jurisdictions.  

3. Disputes Resolution Fairness

Undoubtedly, a hitch will occur sometime in one’s online gambling career. When that happens, an unbiased third party should resolve it, as the operator and the player have a partial interest in any potential conflict. It is best to only play at platforms with a credible arbiter listed. That refers to a body that seeks to resolve user vs. casino disputes fairly.

4. Confusing Terms & Conditions

Operators can often be snaky about the conditions under which they provide their service. They can add unfair conditions, such as high withdrawal requirements, on their T&C page. These will, without question, surprise gamblers who have yet to read this section when they attempt to remove funds from their account. It is now standard for gaming brands to list 3x such rollovers and other unfavorable player stipulations in their conditions. That is why it is paramount that everyone goes through them before signing up.

5. Unsatisfactory Customer Support

Despite what many may claim, it is common to run into online casinos with unresponsive support agents or long live chat wait times. These platforms can get weeded out by reading high-quality reviews, and if a site’s representative does not reply in its chat window, one should send them a support email. If a user gets no response to their email message, they should check for an additional hub address, like a compliant one on the T&C page.

6. Security Concerns

No online gambling platform should be without a proper security certificate and encryption. That can get checked by clicking the lock icon in any quality browser. Also, users should install anti-malware software and be aware of phishing scams. No casino agent will ever ask users for verification codes or passwords. Remember that.

7. Identity Verification Problems

Have an ID card, a utility bill, and a smartphone with an Okay camera nearby when registering with an online casino. Photographing these documents and taking a selfie with them to complete the KYC procedure right after creating an account will lead to a speedier first withdrawal. It will also deliver overall smoother long-term gaming payments

8. Problem Gambling

Only a small section of people have impulse control issues concerning gambling. Still, every reputable casino hub should have responsible gambling measures, like letting users set loss/deposit/session limits and self-exclude. These can be available inside one’s profile page. Or they can get activated by contacting the support staff.

9. Disappointing Game Selection

Telling a casino manager that their hub needs more games will not spur them to get new ones instantly. Hence, everyone should scan the lobbies of considered platforms for quantity and quality before joining them.

10. Bonus Issues

Unless someone partakes in VPN promo abuse, the likelihood of any bonus trouble popping up 99% of the time stems from users not reading the promotion terms in-depth. That is something that must get done to discover the viability of any deal.