A Little History Of Cricket

Cricket is a very old game, a competition that was held in England in the mid-18th century, and a similar game to cricket appeared in the 13th century.

Cricket was included in the program of the second Olympic Games (1900), but it was its only presence at the Olympics. Back in 2002, cricket was included in the Olympic Games again, but it has not been allowed to the Olympics. Surely the thing is that cricket matches can last five days, which, given the short timeframe of the Olympics, makes the game unsuitable for this tournament. Nevertheless, new rules have already been drafted, which limit the game to 2.5 hours. Therefore, there is a good chance that cricket will return to the Olympic program.

The Indian cricket team is the national cricket team of India. Governed by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), it is a full member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) with Test and One Day International (ODI) status.

The Indian cricket team is currently ranked third by the ICC in Tests, fourth in ODIs, and second in T20s. On 2 April 2011, the team won the 2011 Cricket World Cup, its second after 1983. It thus became only the third team after West Indies and Australia to have won the World Cup more than once.

In both Tests and ODIs, the win-loss ratio of recent years is much higher than that of older periods, when it was a weaker team. Currently, Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the captain in all forms of the game while Duncan Fletcher is the coach. Under the leadership of Dhoni, the Indian team has set a national record for the most back-to-back ODI wins (9 straight wins) and has emerged as one of the most formidable teams in international cricket.

Common Information About Cricket

Cricket is a fairly popular sport, and it has a large support group which prefers online cricket betting. It is widespread in several countries, and most of the fans of the game are residents of billionaire India, as well as Pakistan, Britain, and Australia. This is why a group of fans directs betting line odds, not because of objective indicators, but because of the large support club.

The sport involves two teams competing, each with eleven people. The one who scores the most goals with the bat wins. The stadium is located along a grass field, which has an unusual oval shape.

It’s easy enough to analyze cricket. In order to better understand the intricacies of the game, study the regulations, rules, and statistics. Watch the weather, because it determines how the match is outdoors.

Making a bet on cricket is very simple. Choose a reliable bookmaker with good odds, think through your strategy and then you will achieve success.

To make successful cricket bets, you need to delve into analytics and follow the events in the sport, statistics are also important. You have to know the rules of the game, understand the regulations, know the composition of the teams, and the experience of the players. Take into account the weather conditions and the location of the tournament.

The Basic Rules And Features Of The Game Of Cricket

The essence of the game is quite simple: 11 players from each team take their places on the grass field in the form of an ellipse. In the center of this field is a special area measuring 20 meters long and 3 meters wide, called the pitch.

On this very pitch, there are crises, which determine the playing areas. The very process of the game is that the player who pitches the ball (bowler) throws the ball in the direction of the batter (batsman). Batsman has to hit the projectile with the bat as far as possible so that the opponents can not intercept it quickly, and the reflecting player has to run across the field at that time. Such rounds in cricket are called innings.

At the same time, during these runs, you must play the rules in order to earn points, such as: taking the batsman out of play (for the pitching team), catching the ball before it touches the ground, and destroying the creases.

The inning itself continues until 10 batsmen from one team have been taken out of the game, after which the turn passes to the other team. Bowlers, in turn, are allowed to pitch 6 times (6 pitches are called an over).

By the way, the duration of the match itself can vary significantly in duels of different formats. For example, the shortest matches that include 20 overs last about 3.5 hours. But the test matches of national teams, to which the world’s attention is riveted, can be held for 5 days. The teams must play for 6 hours each day.

Selecting a Match And Preparing For a Cricket Online Betting

Be sure to watch the previous five to eight cricket matches and try to make an accurate prediction. Think and develop your own strategy for playing cricket so that your chances of winning are high.

Remember that each bookmaker sets different odds for the game. The optimal approach is to diversify your risks and place small bets at several bookmakers.

In order to be confident in the passage of your cricket bet, you always need to do a quality analysis of the upcoming meeting. So, it is better to choose the top matches with famous teams to earn money, because in such matches you can easily get the necessary information.

Speaking of the information itself, you need to find the one that will evaluate these parameters:

  • Statistics of the last matches of the teams;
  • Tournament format;
  • Status of the tournament and the motivation of the teams to win it;
  • The result of the draw;
  • Weather conditions;
  • State of the field itself;
  • The latest news in the media.

By studying these criteria, you can easily start betting on this amazing sport and expect to earn good money. So don’t be lazy, and gather as much information as possible.

Based on the information gathered, make betting predictions and choose the right type of cricket betting. In any game of cricket, the main players are the player with the bat (hitting the ball with the bat and scoring) and the strikers. The role of these players is difficult to overestimate. Very often the outcome of the game depends primarily on how good these players are.

Basic Types Of Bets

Bookmakers basically accept several types of cricket online betting. familiarize yourself with each of them so that you will not have any questions or difficulties when betting.

  • Betting on a win. The most common type of betting among bettors. In cricket, a draw is very rare, so usually bet on the victory of a particular team.
  • Betting on the best batsman/bowler. These bets are less common because usually, the team does not distinguish the best/worst player.
  • On the total number of points of the best player of the match. Bets on the individual performance of players.

Cricket Betting Features

This is one of the few sports where professionals play live. The great length of matches allows you to make leisurely decisions, but you need to be careful because during the game the weather conditions can change several times, which will make major adjustments to its outcome.

Very often in cricket, unexpected results happen, so outsiders in this sport are usually underestimated. The best strategy in cricket is to use a betting strategy on roughly equal opponents.

A huge plus for bettors is that cricket is not common in the U.S., Korea, and Japan, where there are a lot of professional players. Cricket is usually bet on by ordinary fans of the sport who are far from making money from betting. This leads to large line runs on which you can make good money.

Advantages Of Cricket Online Betting

Among the main advantages of this sports betting:

  • Plenty of matches. Cricket is one of the few sports that offers events all year round and in large numbers. Therefore, in the summer, when the top soccer, basketball, and hockey leagues go on break, cricket betting can be a great alternative, which is little used by professional bettors, and therefore here you can often find undervalued outcomes with favorable quotes.
  • Series matches. Cricket matches are held with high frequency, where each team may have several games a week. This allows you to best determine the condition of the teams by looking at recent games and fresh statistics, which are always in abundance.
  • High maxbets. On international cricket matches, many gambling companies offer very decent limits for maximum bets, comparable, and often exceeding the maximums of the central soccer matches of the elite leagues.
  • A good spreadsheet. For international competitions held in different formats, markets for additional outcomes are quite good – in addition to traditional bets on wins and totals wounds, in the coverage can be presented bets on other outcomes, including statistics.
  • There are no draws. In the main outcomes of cricket, as a rule, only bets on the victory of one of the teams are offered, so the absence of draws increases the chances of winning, as well as the prospects of playing in the long term.