About New8869 Overview, Terms and Conditions Needed Attention

Introduction New8869 is making a mark on the market with a huge number of searches. The information related to the Website is also very interested by bettors. The following article summarizes useful information about the house so that gamers have an overview of this unit.

1. Introducing New8869 – Official agent at New88

New8869 belongs to the agent system of Trang chủ New88 – the leading reputable bookmaker in the betting market. New88 was founded and managed by M.A.N Entertainment Group (the largest betting group in the Philippines).

Right from the time of establishment, the house has been licensed by PAGCOR to operate. Players will experience in the entertainment world with high security, ensuring the level of prestige as well as peace of mind during the experience.

The betting playground has now covered the whole of Asia and the European region. A series of games such as: Sports, cockfighting, Casino have conquered players with a large number of fans.

New8869 is one of the biggest dealers of New88 playground. According to the homepage introducing New8869, this unit has been established since 2020. With outstanding advantages, this playground has received the Asian Operation of Year award from the International Online Betting Association.

Joining New8869 players will enjoy all the benefits of New88. Not only that, here bettors also enjoy countless attractive incentives such as: 1.5% refund promotion, first deposit promotion, sports incentives up to 30 million VND, …

2.Terms and conditions to join New8869

When learning to introduce New8869, you need to understand the terms of participation. This is the most important information that bettors need to know to participate in this betting playground.

2.1 Account regulations

Bet players who want to participate in New8869 need to register for an account.

All information provided by players must be accurate and complete.

  Each member at the entertainment site is only allowed to own one and only one account.

Members are not allowed to use virtual IP to log in to New8869.

Deposit rules

If the deposit within 24 hours still has not been added to the account, please contact customer service to be resolved.

If you recharge through a third method, you need to contact the operator to get confirmation as soon as possible.

The minimum deposit amount for each time is 100,000 VND. This regulation has been clearly shown in the introduction of New8869, players can refer to it to understand.

2.2 Withdrawal rules

Terms and conditions stipulate that each customer has the right to withdraw up to 5 times/day for 1 billion and up to 10 times/day for 10 billion (VIP members).

Members’ withdrawal requests will be reviewed and then paid. Withdrawal service will be done step by step as prescribed. In particular, the withdrawal request must be valid at New88.

The bookie guarantees a transaction time of about 5 minutes, provided that the network operator and bank operate stably.

2.3 Promotion regulations

According to the introduction of New8869, in order to enjoy promotional items and incentives, bettors need to comply with the terms and conditions set by the house, which are:

All promotions will be calculated in Vietnam time zone (GMT +7) and currency is VND.

In case there are more than 2 accounts using the same preferential policy for nefarious purposes, the house will immediately withdraw the account and the right to receive the incentives. All information of this member will be permanently blacklisted.

The bookie has the right to ask bettors to provide information to minimize fraud and ensure the safety of participants.

3.New88 FAQ

In the information introducing New8869, the house received a lot of questions from players’ concerns. Some common questions that can be mentioned are:

3.1 Is there a fee to register for a New8869 betting account?

Answer: Registering an account at the bookie is completely free with simple and easy operation. Joining New8869 you will not receive payment requirements. If you receive any request related to the payment of fees, you should consider to avoid accessing unsecured Websites.

3.2 How to deal with the case of forgetting the login password

Answer: According to the introduction of New8869, in case you forget your login password, click “Forgot Password” to fill in the account verification information. At that time, the system will send a link to create a new account for the player.

3.3 Can I create multiple New8869 accounts at the same time?

Answer: In the introduction of New8869, it was clearly stated that each gamer can only create a single betting account with the owner’s information. In case the house detects a mistake, the account will be permanently locked and the money in that account will be recovered. This helps New8869 manage members better. At the same time, minimize the situation of profiteering or fraud.

Introduction New8869 has provided the most general information about the betting playground. Members, before placing bets, please consult carefully to get more specific information and peace of mind before placing bets