All you need to know about Greenhouses in Kenya

The greenhouse prices in Kenya vary according to various factors related to the greenhouse. These factors either make the cost of the greenhouse to be expensive or cheaper. These factors also determine the affordability of the greenhouse.

In this article, we will discuss the factors that affect the cost of greenhouses in Kenya.

It would be best to learn various aspects about the prices of greenhouses in Kenya and the factors determining the costs and their affordability. This includes the factors affecting the prices, such as size and labor.

Also, you need to find out the different types of materials used to make the greenhouses and how they affect their cost. All these factors are going to be discussed thoroughly below. They will show how the prices are higher or lower. Also, we will know which types of greenhouses are affordable in Kenya.

How size affects the price of greenhouse in Kenya

Greenhouse prices in Kenya are greatly affected by the size. The bigger the greenhouse, the costlier it becomes. This is because more materials are used in the construction. Also, more labor is used to construct. More people and energy are required to construct a bigger greenhouse than smaller ones. The size of small greenhouses varies depending on the purpose. That’s whether it’s commercial or just domestic.

Design of greenhouse

The price of a greenhouse is also determined by how it is designed. A tunnel type of greenhouse is less expensive than a vented greenhouse. The vented greenhouse has a larger surface area than the tunnel-type one. Also, the vented one allows for planting more crops and requires more labor input. Hence an increase per unit area leads to an increase in the price of greenhouses.

Crop type

Another important factor influencing greenhouse prices in Kenya is crop type. A greenhouse will be more expensive for an indeterminate crop that needs a built-in crop support structure than for a crop like strawberries. Furthermore, the greenhouse setup cost of a plant propagation unit with misters and foggers is higher than that of a herb and spice unit without these features.

Also, if the crops to be planted are cheap, it is cheaper to construct their greenhouse than for crops that are more expensive and rarely available. More trained personnel is required for complex crop types or delicate crops, making the price of such greenhouses more expensive. The crop types are mainly determined by the climate in the surrounding.


In conclusion, we have seen how greenhouse prices in Kenya vary and the factors leading to this variability. Hence one can know the kind of greenhouse they can afford. As discussed above, the elements for variability are size, climate, crop type, and greenhouse design. Moreover, one should check the latter to know whether the greenhouse they are about to buy best suits ones needs as well as budget. As a result, it is always important to conduct ample research before settling on a specific product.