All You Need To Know About Shade Nets

Shade nets are knitted polyethylene fabrics that protect people, plants, animals, and things from the sun’s dangerous heat and harmful ultraviolet radiation. They do this by absorbing the rays into their material. This article will dig deep and help you learn a lot about shade nets, their uses and applications, different types and advantages. Let’s start with some of the benefits and applications.

Uses of shade nets

  • In agriculture

Due to their ability to absorb heat and protect plants from high temperatures and harmful UV rays from the sun, wind, and snow, shade nets have proved to be an increased asset in the agricultural sector. Its unique abilities provide the nursery vegetation with a preferable environment that stimulates photosynthesis. Why use these nets, you ask? They will help regulate temperatures inside the shade, protecting the plant’s tissues to avoid dying and increasing yield.

Always pick a lighter shade of cloth color for your plants. It is better in ventilation and will reflect and absorb more heat.

  • Construction

Because of its filtering abilities, these nets are commonly used in construction sites. We are certain you have seen the green nets wrapped around buildings, mainly the ones undergoing construction. Yeah, those. Their unique filtering abilities come in handy here.

  • Parking shades

Dense polyethylene fabric comes in handy in parking spaces. Because of their power to absorb heat rays from the sun, they prevent your car’s roof from being melted due to direct sunlight exposure, therefore protecting your vehicle.

  • Poultry shades

If you are into poultry farming and looking for materials to cover your poultry farm, try using shade nets instead of wood or brick. This way, your poultry gets enough sunlight for growth, they will also have an excellent ventilation system, and you can easily monitor them from the outside. Also, remember that the temperature in there is regulated for maximum productivity.

  • Covering stadiums

Have you ever seen how green golf clubs and stadiums are? Maintaining such greenery from extremely high temperatures and strong winds is challenging. Well, shade nets protect the stadiums and golf clubs from adverse weather like heavy rainfall and strong winds, thus preventing soil erosion and drying of the grass, which maintains its greenery.

Types of shade nets

There are two different types of shade nets. The first one is the woven shade nets. These types of nets are made from polypropylene. They are heavier, and they also allow heat to build up. These nets can withstand even the most extreme exposure to the sun, and they have the lowest shrinkage. The second one is the knitted shade nets. These nets are affordable, durable, and highly resistant to weather, pesticides, germicides, fungicides, and external vulnerabilities.


We have seen that the primary purpose of shade nets is to protect people, plants, and things from harmful UV rays and high temperatures from the sun. So, if you are a farmer, you better get yourself and your plants these nets because they help in temperature regulations, keeping them cooler in hot and cold temperatures. Not only farmers, but if you need to protect anything from adverse weather conditions, shade nets are your go-to package. And it will also take care of your car. For more, check shade net price in Kenya.