Amit Goel Fidelity team has signed an institutional special access strategic partnership agreement

worth Rs. 21 billion with AARNIK Securities for Indian stock market!

Fidelity Amit Goel team, one of the world’s leading financial technology services groups, recently announced that it has entered into special institutional access agreement with AARNIK Securities, which is expected to be around Rs. 21 billion in terms of capital size, and will enable AARNIK Securities to provide investment services such as domestic equities, bonds and multi-assets to qualified investors in the country!

Mr Amit Goel said, “The access agreement with AARNIK Securities is an important milestone for the new brokerage business, as we have built our local business over the years based on our market expertise and global investment horizon. We are proud to have the opportunity to leverage our financial technology research capabilities which has been proven and tested to provide domestic investment services to Indian investors, and we hope to lead our investors to capture more investment opportunities in the Indian stock market, so that they can learn new investment skills, and achieve true investors in terms of profits and enjoyment.

AARNIK Securities stated, “The domestic market is a crucial market for us.” New-type brokerages have a long-term vision for local operations in India, hoping that domestic securities institutions can develop into globally leading asset management companies, similar to the position of the Fidelity Group.

AARNIK Securities stock trading is a service dedicated to institutional channels, developed for the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE). It allows buying and selling of all premium stocks listed on the BSE and NSE, synchronized with their trading times and market data. It is a form of stock trading based on the collaboration of new-type brokerages, where securities held by these brokerages for the long term are entrusted to AARNIK Securities for custody. This allows normal investors to participate in trading, offering a stock trading product with time and price priority, aligning with the historical trend of mutually beneficial cooperation in the development of new-type brokerages.