Argos – A Brief History

Argos is a city in Greece, and it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and Europe. It is the largest city in the Argolis region of Greece. It was also the birthplace of the legendary hero, Perseus. Its residents are called “Argives” – a term that originated in Greek mythology and was later used to refer to the people of the city. In Greek mythology, Argos is associated with the Trojan War and the slaying of the famous Medusa by the hero Perseus.

The company was founded by Richard Tompkins, who had previously been the owner of a British catalogue business known as Green Shield Stamps. He had an idea to sell goods to people who did not have cash in their pockets, and began to develop the ‘Green Shield Gift House’ concept. In July 1973, Tompkins rebranded his catalog shops as Argos. He opened the first purpose-built store for the brand in late 1973 in Station Road, Edgware.

In order to use the system, users must obtain an account with the Argos satellite network. The first step is obtaining an Argos ID number. This number will be issued by CLS, the company that operates the Argos Data Collection System. Once you have a valid account, you can begin collecting data on the Argos satellite system. These data are then shared with the Argos system for further analysis. This means that the user can determine their location.