Discovering Dubai’s Hidden Gems: Off-the-Beaten-Path Attractions

Have you visite­d places that amazed you? Dubai is one of those amazing places that are known for tall buildings and luxury. But it has many unknown treasure­s too. There are se­cret cultural spots and natural wonders. The city has many ge­ms for adventurers. Let’s e­xplore Dubai’s lesser-known side­ and find its best secrets. We­’ll go beyond tourist trails. Get ready for an adve­nture journey in this fascinating city.

The camel polo activity at Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve

By simply participating in AI Marmoom Desert camel polo, you will be able to create unforgettable and bright memories in your life with your friends and family.

Price: You have the choice of making this trip unforgettable by just spending AED 500 per person or paying AED 1000 per couple only.

Transportation: It is simple to organize transportation. Just get in touch with nearby tour companies that provide transportation to the reserve. If you’re driving on your own, simply follow the given directions to reach your destination without any hurdles.

Shisha Bar in Karama

Karama is the vibrant place of social life and recreation in Dubai. It is one of the popular districts of nightlife, which gathers people of all ages in its shisha lounges where they costumed water pipes with flavored tobacco. This draws the local, ex-pat and tourists alike, giving a cozy and active-night ambience for people to socialize all night long.

The shisha bars are frequently employed in Arabic styled buildings and give an assortment of tobacco flavours, such as apple, mint, and grape that a well-trained shisha master prepares. Along with a shisha, the visitors can order some nonalcoholic drinks or snacks. Beside drinks and snacks, people can have an amazing time while listening to Arabic music, participating in the games and seeing live entertainment in the form of oriental dancers. Moreover, while visiting these places, one has to ensure maintaining a certain degree of sensitivity for the local customs and traditions.

Shawarmas in Karama

Want to get the authenticity of the shawarmas in Dubai? You can get it at Karama Dubai, the city’s famous shawarma food street. Shawarmas are basically a dish made from shaved pieces of meat or chicken cooked on a vertical spit at a slow pace, then are wrapped in pitas with salad and sauce.

Family joints in Dubai are popular in giving flavored and delicious shawarmas at an affordable price to the local people as well as to foreigners. Another dish worth mentioning is the kefta mechwiyeh, a well-seasoned and tender shawarma.

Jumeirah Beach

The Jumeirah Beach in Dubai provides a perfect sun and sand scenario for people to spend their day. It is a perfect place for evening walks too. The beach has white sand and sparkling turquoise water, bordering the sea like a perfect frame. Here you can dip and swim as well as lounging under the sun. Along the shoreline near the beach, there is a walkway where visitors can contemplate the beautiful Burj Al Arab hotel, which should not be missed.

Additionally, for extreme sports enthusiasts, there is a multitude of selections of sports, including jet skiing and gliding. Crystal clear water and a great selection of amenities at the beach make it a perfect spot for rest, fun, and observation of the marvelous sunsets.

Sand Dune Bashing

Sand dune bashing, as an adrenaline loaded activity in Dubai’s expensive desserts, is unimaginable. The adventurous individuals get into all-terrain vehicles and set off on a thrilling ride of flowing hills that seem to be made of sand. As cruise ships are expertly piloted through the peaks and valleys of the dunes, it is almost unmatchable in terms of the rush of adrenaline. The moving sands and evolving terrain seems to give each dune bashing tour its own unusual and surprising character. While you are availing an Ahmedabad to Dubai flight, you can surely plan this activity.

5 Travel Tips for You to Consider

When you are taking a Chennai to Dubai flight, there are some things to consider;

Pack light: Do not pack too much stuff and take only things that are of daily use, such as dresses, cosmetics, footwear and more.

Research your destination: Reward yourself by learning about the native’s traditions. Also, read all the rules, laws and regulations that need to be maintained there.

Stay safe: Be safe. Always give priority to your safety. For that, you may take some precautions, always trust the right people, who are travel agents. Otherwise, if you are using some local taxis, turn on your location.

Budget wisely: Menu your budget and look up what type of lodging and transportation are suitable for your budget.


Dubai’s secluded treasures invite you to refresh yourself with unconventional scenarios and form cherishable memories. From the excitement of the traversing desert to the relishing of true local tastings,these little-known sites give an insight into the genuine spirit of the city. Be the one who breaks the cliche and lets the exotic and unique Dubai undiscovered places make a deep impact on your journey.