Best Way to Cover Geography Syllabus for UPSC

Geography is one of the main subjects in the UPSC exam. The detailed Geography syllabus for UPSC is released by the Union Public Service Commission on its website along with the official notification. It is a scoring subject so candidates must prepare well for it. It is very important to understand the syllabus for good preparation. It is quite difficult to cover all the aspects of any subject without understanding the syllabus. Almost all the candidates must have studied this subject during their schooling hence they will find most of the topics in the syllabus familiar to them.

The syllabus is devised by the concerned authorities by considering the level of the examination. Candidates can download the syllabus PDF from the official website of UPSC. They can take the printout of the syllabus to keep a check on their preparation level. The syllabus comprises all the topics related to India and the World which are relevant from the examination point of view. Candidates should study only those topics which are mentioned in the syllabus and the things related to them. This will help them in focusing their preparation in the right direction.

Sometimes slight changes have been made to the syllabus which is not noticed by most of the candidates. Hence, it is advised for candidates to download the latest syllabus from the official website. This will keep the candidates updated with the topics that are added or deleted from the syllabus. To study the topics that are mentioned in the candidates can go for online or offline sources which are easily available.

How to Cover UPSC Mains Syllabus?

Most of the candidates refer UPSC Mains syllabus after qualifying the preliminary exam which is the wrong approach. Candidates are advised to go through the entire syllabus before starting their preparation so that they can plan their studies accordingly. The candidates who neglect the main syllabus in the initial stage of their preparation find it difficult to complete the entire syllabus in the later stage. Also, it is shared by most of the candidates who have qualified the exam to focus on the prelims and mains syllabus from the very beginning of the preparation. 

Geography is a main subject in the main exam under General Studies Paper I. Candidates who have a deep interest in this subject choose it as an optional subject as well. So there is a huge weightage of this subject in the exam and hence a good preparation can attract good marks. The main syllabus is released along with the official notification wherein candidates will find the details of each subject that are important. 

The syllabus is very dynamic hence a variety of questions are asked in the examination on different topics. In order to cover all the aspects of a subject, some candidates collect numerous study materials. Later on, they find it difficult to revise all of it. Even some of them do not study that material for one time also. To avoid such a situation candidates should stick to the limited study materials so that they can go through them properly and can revise them at regular intervals. Revision is a very important part to crack this examination. Hence they should focus on it as much as possible.