Do You Want to Be a More Likeable Person?

Being likeable is a good thing!  It means you’re easy to get along with, pleasant to be around, and generally well-received by other people. It usually involves things like friendliness, approachability, and empathy. Which makes someone enjoyable and pleasant company.

And whether it’s for personal relationships or career success, increasing your likeability will provide pretty significant benefits in every aspect of your life. So what’s not to like?

Doesn’t this sound like the kind of person YOU’d like to be?

Everyone Wants to Be Liked!

We all want to be liked by those around us. That’s whether we’re meeting new people, working with colleagues, or enjoying existing relationships with friends and family. In any situation, our likeability plays a central role in how others perceive us. By investing in your own likeability, you’re boosting your interpersonal relationships … and also enhancing your overall happiness and success.

How To Be More Likeable

Well, you can read books, listen to pocasts, and talk to “experts” (if you can find any…)  You can even take a likeable person test…

But the easiest way to learn is to enrol on an online likeability course, which will be inexpensive, flexible (because you can learn in your own time, at your own pace) and effective.

Which means this is easier than you may think, as long as you’re given the right guidance.


There are three main areas of likeability.

The first is being supportive, which involves being dependable and caring towards others. So when other people know they can count on you, they’re more likely to feel valued and connected. It’s often as simple as offering a sympathetic ear or a helping hand. These things don’t take much effort but have a big impact. And if you build a reputation for reliability and empathy, you’ll naturally attract those who appreciate your supportive nature.


The second – and just as vital – component of likeability is showing leadership qualities. But don’t worry: this has nothing to do with management, and doesn’t involve holding a leadership position at work.  No, it’s about embodying traits such as capability in what you do, and the ability to energize, or “uplift” other people. In other words, when you show confidence in your abilities, and inspire those around you with positivity, you naturally become someone that others will look up to.

Being More AMIABLE

But it’s the third area which assumes the greatest prominance in determining whether you’re likeable or not.  This is being amiable.  And when you think about this, it makes sense.

That’s because amiability is all about being pleasant and easy to be around. That’s pretty well it!  After all, if someone is supportive, and positive, but is difficult to deal with, are they likeable?  Probably not.

That’s because people are naturally drawn to those who are friendly, approachable, polite and non-judgmental.

If you act this way, you’ll find that others are naturally drawn to you.

What You’ll Achieve

By improving your likeability, you’ll enter a world of better opportunities and benefits. Whether it’s forming deeper connections with others or improving your career prospects, the rewards of being more likeable are endless.

And as we’ve said, it’s not as difficult to achieve as you may imagine.

So isn’t it time you started to become more likeable?