Round or Oval Cut: The Perfect Shape for Your Moissanite Engagement Ring

Can’t decide between a show-stopper and a classic? The debate is on round vs oval moissanite rings for engagements. The ultimate sparklers are round moissanite, which resemble little disco balls on your finger. Conversely, ovals lengthen your finger and give off a glitzy, retro vibe. Though both are gorgeous, which one says “YOU” the most? Let’s find out!

Oval Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

Comparable in brilliance to the Brilliant Round, a typical oval moissanite engagement ring has 70 facets for incredible sparkle and light-reflecting qualities that provide the appearance of a larger stone. 

The elongated hands and flawlessly symmetrical shape provide a magnificent impression on the finger while offering a new yet classic style. The oval cut design evolved throughout the previous century, and renowned Russian jeweler Lazare Kaplan finally finalized the contemporary oval cut’s elegant form in the 1960s. From above and below, the shape is oval; from the side, it is cone-shaped.

  • Cut Grading: Oval gemstones can reflect light and appear larger than they actually are when cut properly. Oval cut stones are perfect centerpieces for moissanite engagement rings, whether they are set portraits or landscapes.
  • Extended Vs. Bowtie: Oval cut gemstones that are more round than oblong frequently produce a bow tie effect in which light refracts around the center. In gemstones that are longer and less roundly faceted, the facets tend to appear longer than their actual length.

Round Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

The modern round cut that we are accustomed to isn’t that old! In 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky, a renowned diamond cutter from Belgium, discovered the ideal method for cutting diamonds. The diamond in this “Brilliant Round” cut sparkles wildly because of its 58 tiny flat surfaces, which resemble disco ball facets. When it comes to extreme brilliance and fire (the diamond’s rainbow effect), this cut is the best choice.

These precise ratios give every round moissanite engagement ring its incredible brilliance, and they come in a variety of sizes. It is not surprising that this timeless and traditional form is one of the most popular Moissanite cuts because it is such a versatile shape.

  • Cut grading: A dazzling round cut of outstanding grade cannot be excessively tall or shallow. The height must be precisely right for the diamond to reflect all light through it rather than out the sides. When perfected, the “brilliant” round cut exhibits genuinely astounding brightness.

A lot of well-known personalities have chosen the magnificent round cut throughout the last 100 years. You can get inspiration from some stunning recent round engagement rings, such as Olivia Wilde’s spectacular round cut stone on a thin yellow gold band.

Oval vs Round Cut: Which One To Choose For Your Moissanite Engagement Ring?

The key to selecting the ideal moissanite ring is to identify the brilliance that appeals to you! This is how it ends:

  • Classic Round: Round cuts, which reflect light like little disco balls, are the current champions of brilliance. They are ageless and appealing to all. Round cuts maximize light reflection and provide a stunning show of fire, for which they are renowned for their extraordinary brilliance.
  • Elongated Oval: Oval cutouts add a contemporary touch. A distinctive fire that dances across the stone gives the impression that their fingers are longer. Given their elongated design, oval cuts can give the appearance of having longer fingers. 

Typically, round cuts provide a more conventional and well-balanced appearance.

So, do you belong to Team Modern Blaze or Team Timeless Brilliance?  There’s no right or incorrect response in this case; what matters is what makes your finger and heart both shout, “Wow!”

Ending Note: Get The Best Oval/Round Cut Moissanite Ring From Rosec Jewels! 

In summary, your particular preferences will ultimately determine the best cut for your moissanite engagement ring. Whether you’re drawn to the classic elegance of a round cut or the enticing drama of an oval, either choice ensures a ring that exudes timeless symbolism and breathtaking beauty. 

Rosec Jewels is aware of the importance of this historic day when you ask her hand in marriage. So, to be prepared for that day, discover our carefully chosen selection of moissanite engagement rings, which are expertly created to highlight the fire and brightness of each magnificent stone. We cordially encourage you to find the ideal representation of your love tale.