Echoes of Valor: Unyielding Courage

There are tons of movies worth watching. Realistic Movies like the Green Book wins applaud. Action movies like Ready Player One and The Transporter, Red, and The Raid are also four of best movies.

In Ready Player One, “movies are dreams, and we grow up daydreaming that one day we’ll turn those visions in our heads into reality on camera.” So says Spielberg. Based on VR technology, he presents the vision of a future world where people travel freely between the virtual and real worlds under the lens. Director Spielberg used the sci-fi movie “Top Gun” to shape a virtual world called “Oasis,” which tells the story of Wade, a teenager who has no support in real life, who eventually passes the game through trials and tribulations, reaping the benefits of friendship, love, and finding faith in his existence in the real world. 

In the movie, the real world in the future looks cold and depressed under the high technology, but people are eager to be immersed in a race in the virtual world. By tracing the past of the creator of the game, the movie tells the true meaning of life – don’t regret missing the one you love, and don’t live apart from the real world. 

In The Transporter, unusual retired Special Forces soldier Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is now in the business of shipping freight in BMWs; Frank doesn’t care if he’s serving bank robbers. He’s more concerned with protocol and principles. At the end of an assignment, he is inevitably greeted with another police interrogation and a new job. 

An American crime syndicate entrusts Frank with the delivery of an item, and Frank unwittingly discovers that the cargo is actually an Oriental woman named Lai. After Frank completes his mission, the other party wants to silence him, so he has to take Lai back to his place.

Frank is apparently in a lot of trouble this time, as his employer then razes his place to the ground, and Lai’s mysterious identity emerges: she turns out to be the only daughter of an international snakehead. Caught up in a father-daughter feud over a smuggling crime, Frank needs to make a decision to confront his relationship with Lai and justice. 

In Eagle Eye, somewhere in the Middle East, the U.S. military intelligence system locked a target person, and the president disregarded the system’s computer calculations out of the recommended way to deal with the order of targeted killings, which triggered an unexpected chain reaction …… company small staff Jerry’s life is dull and boring, often strapped for cash, and even the rent has become a problem, due to the service in the military.

 As a result of the accidental death of his twin brother, Jerry rushed home to attend the funeral, but after returning from this trip, Jerry found that his home was actually full of weapons. He then arrived at the FBI, broke the window, and arrested him. Meanwhile, a woman named Rachel learns from an electronic billboard on the street that her son has been kidnapped by someone who has the uncanny ability to control electronics and monitor everything. This kidnapper guides Jerry away from the FBI and ends up in Rachel’s car, and the two strangers are forced to work together, falling into the mysterious kidnapper’s plans as the FBI pursues them …… Just who is the kidnapper? And what are his intentions?

In Red, former secret service agent Frank Moses and his companions in the early years of jingoism, through great storms, and now have long been idle at home, living a leisurely and comfortable life. But this post-retirement peace is suddenly shattered when a group of heavily armed, uninvited guests break into Frank’s home on Christmas Eve and kill him.

As it turns out, as senior agents, Frank, and his companions knew too much about the secrets of the government and army, and they naturally became targets of attack. Unwilling to leave his fate in the hands of others, Frank finds Joe Matheson, Marvin Boggs, and Victoria, his best buddies from back in the day, and is determined to launch a Jedi comeback.

Picking the best action movies of all time is tough. Action movies like Ready Player One and others attract people because of the visual effect. The visuals were very good, and the audience was thrilled to see them. Get more movies information on