How European Sellers Can Ship to the US With an FBA Prep Center

As a European seller looking to expand into the lucrative US market, you need a strategy to ship your goods across the Atlantic and deliver them to American buyers in a fast, affordable manner. Simply put, you must find a way around geographic limitations and bridge the gap between your business location and customer location. An FBA prep center may be the solution you’ve been searching for. By partnering with a prep center, you can ship your inventory in bulk to their US-based warehouse. From there, they will handle all the necessary steps to prepare your items for the Amazon FBA program and ship them directly to Amazon fulfillment centers on your behalf. This allows you to save on individual shipping costs and focus your time and money on continuing to source great products for your business. If expanding into the US market has been on your roadmap, working with an FBA prep center could be a game-changer for your transatlantic ambitions.

What Is an FBA Prep Center and How Can It Help European Sellers?

As an European seller looking to access the large US market, working with an FBA prep center can help facilitate the process. An FBA prep center, or Fulfillment by Amazon prep center, is a third-party logistics company that provides services to help you ship inventory to Amazon’s fulfillment centers in the US. They can assist with several important steps to get your products in front of American consumers.

First, an FBA prep center can help you translate all product information and listings into English to ensure compliance with’s terms of service. They can also help determine if any certifications are needed for certain product types to be sold in the US.

Second, FBA prep centers provide a US business address and contact information for your Amazon Seller Central account. This allows you to ship inventory to their warehouse in the US, where they will then prep, label and ship your goods to Amazon’s fulfillment centers on your behalf. They handle all shipping, customs clearance and paperwork required to get your products into the US and Amazon’s network.

Finally, FBA prep centers inspect your products to ensure they meet Amazon’s strict quality requirements before shipping to their fulfillment centers. This helps avoid issues that could delay or prohibit your inventory from being listed for sale.

In summary, FBA prep centers facilitate the complex process of shipping from Europe to US and getting them listed on By handling logistics, compliance, shipping and quality control, they make cross-border e-commerce more accessible for sellers outside the US. Partnering with an FBA prep center can open your products up to the huge American market and help your business thrive on a global scale.

Top Tips for Shipping Your Products From Europe to Amazon FBA in the US

To successfully ship your products from Europe to Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program in the US, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

First, choose an FBA prep center in Europe to inspect, label and ship your inventory to Amazon’s US warehouses. Using a prep center will save you time and money, as they are experts in properly preparing products for FBA. They can label your items with the necessary barcodes and pack and ship everything to Amazon on your behalf.

Next, make sure all products comply with US regulations and Amazon’s guidelines. Some products prohibited for sale in the US include those containing hazardous materials, recalled items or counterfeit goods. Review Amazon’s restricted products policy to ensure compliance.

Proper Product Labeling

Accurately label all products before shipping to avoid delays or refusals at the border. Include details like product name, manufacturer, country of origin, ingredients, net quantity, etc. Barcodes and FNSKUs must be scannable and placed according to Amazon’s specifications.

Finally, provide all necessary documentation for US Customs. This includes a commercial invoice, packing list and any other documentation required for your product category. Valuations should be accurate to avoid penalties or delays in clearing US Customs.

By following these best practices, European sellers can successfully ship their products to Amazon FBA in the US. Partnering with an experienced FBA prep center and thoroughly preparing your products and documentation will streamline the shipping process and get your items in front of US customers faster. Success in the US market is within your reach if you take the right approach.

Finding the Right FBA Prep and Shipping Partner in Europe

To sell and ship goods from Europe to customers in the US, finding an experienced FBA prep center and shipping partner is crucial. ###FBA Prep Centers in Europe

FBA prep centers in Europe receive your inventory, prep it for Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and ship it to the US for you. They handle logistics like labeling, poly bagging, and shipping to help you scale your business. Look for a center with:

  • Experience shipping to the US and working with Amazon FBA. They should understand US labeling and shipping requirements to avoid issues with customs.
  • Competitive pricing. Compare rates from different centers to find a cost-effective option. Factor in any additional fees for labeling, packaging, and shipping.
  • Reviews from other European sellers. Check what other merchants say about their experience, quality of service, and results from using the prep center.
  • Optional additional services. Some centers offer kitting, gift wrapping, product photography, and more. Consider what other services may benefit your business.

Once you find potential partners, reach out to a few and get quotes for your products. Ask any questions you have about their services, experience, and results. Choose a center that you feel confident can properly handle your inventory and provide good value for your business. They will handle the logistics of shipping your goods from Europe to Amazon fulfillment centers in the US, allowing you to focus on growing your sales. With the right FBA prep and shipping partner in Europe, you can successfully sell to customers across the Atlantic.


As an overseas seller, you now have a path forward to tap into the lucrative US market and scale your business. By leveraging a prep center to handle the logistics of shipping and storing inventory in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, you’ll save time and money while gaining access to over 300 million customers. Focus on sourcing great products, optimizing your listings, and providing amazing customer service. Let the prep center handle the rest. While expanding into new markets always brings challenges, the rewards of selling in the US can be well worth the effort. If you’re willing to invest in building a global brand, partnering with a prep center is a strategic first step to conquering the American frontier. The opportunity is there – now go take it!