How much does AWS training and certification cost?

The AWS certification training course from Simplilearn prepares you to design, organize, and scale AWS implementations using multiple cloud computing services. It provides you with multiple skills, including AWS solution planning, AWS cost estimation, AWS architecture best practice, and more. Enrolling in the AWS training and certification program will provide knowledge about dealing with real-time industry projects. 

Are you worried about the cost of the AWS training and certification program? This article provides insights into the expenses of the Amazon Web Service certification. 

But before that, you should gain some knowledge about how the AWS training program can help you.

Benefits of AWS certification:

  • Prepare for the future

The increasing application of cloud technology is one of the major reasons behind enrolling in an AWS certification program. Amazon Web Service is a market leader among all cloud services. Since most businesses are rapidly shifting their enterprise workloads to the cloud, candidates with AWS knowledge will be preferred by recruiters. 

AWS certifications also demand re-certification every two years. The re-certification will validate your awareness of the trends and updates in the AWS landscape. Your hands-on experience and updated knowledge from the certification and training will make you noticeable among employers. 

  • New avenues for Gaining Professional Expertise

The top AWS certification will familiarize you with new avenues for gaining professional expertise. AWS certifications involve a lot of commitment, practice, and study to understand AWS technologies. The certification can help broaden their skill set, which will be beneficial for exploring different career opportunities. No AWS professional sticks to the same role throughout their career, and the more skills they have, the more roles they will be able to explore. 

  • Secure a Fatter Paycheck

A high salary is indeed one of the major benefits of an AWS certification program. A top AWS certification can increase the income of IT professionals by an average of 25.9%. There shouldn’t be any doubt that an AWS certification can help you land several high-paying job opportunities.

The difference between the paycheck of a certified and a non-certified AWS professional is quite significant. Even if you are a fresher, an AWS certification provides you with the skills to be eligible for higher remuneration at top companies. 

  • Show your commitment

Gaining an AWS certification is a great way of displaying your commitment levels to potential employers. If you are applying for AWS certifications, you will have to invest a significant chunk of your time and efforts to prepare for the exams. Obtaining the AWS certification is difficult and requires persistent hard work for positive results. Once you add an AWS certification to your resume, employers will instantly become aware of your dedication and perseverance. 

  • Get access to better projects

An AWS certification will benefit you even if you wish to work as a freelancer. It will improve your ability to work with AWS technology. The certification will also help you easily gain the trust of clients. 

AWS-certified professionals receive digital badges representing their achievements. You can add the badge on your social media and email signatures to catch the attention of potential employers. They serve as a promising marketing element, increase your credibility in front of clients and help you leverage better projects and income opportunities. 

  • Become a subject matter expert

AWS certification makes candidates eligible for the Subject Matter Expert program. All AWS-certified professionals can attend the Subject Matter Expert program. The program allows you to learn more about AWS features and technology. Moreover, professionals can attend workshops and the exam development process as Subject Matter Experts. It will serve as an additional credential for your resume and reveal your contributions to a significant certification program. 

  • Expand your professional network

The digital badges earned by AWS-certified professionals provide access to various networking opportunities. You can attend selective AWS Certification Lounges and AWS Summit events. Becoming a part of the AWS Certified Global Community and the AWS Certified LinkedIn Community will be ideal for networking with industry professionals. 

You can attend various meetings, conferences, and professional gatherings to interact with people. The interactions will be beneficial for expanding your knowledge about AWS technology. You will also become aware of various job openings by interacting with professionals in the field. 

Cost of the Simplilearn AWS Training and Certification Program

You can either join the online Bootcamp or enroll in the self-paced AWS training and certification program from Simplilearn.  

Self-Paced Learning

The self-paced AWS training program comes for Rs 16,275. The top features of the self-paced learning program are as follows:

  • Lifetime access to online content of 50 hours
  • 3 simulation exams with 60 questions each
  • 16 live demos of AWS services
  • 3 industry projects with access to integrated labs
  • 24*7 support and assistance for learners

Online Bootcamp

Joining the online Bootcamp requires a fee of Rs 19,110. The online Bootcamp offers all the facilities with the self-paced learning program. The additional features of the online Bootcamp are as follows:

  • Ability to learn in an online classroom led by instructors
  • Flexible access to online classes for 90 days
  • One-to-one doubt resolution sessions

Corporate Training

The AWS certification from Simplilearn is also beneficial for corporate training and can be customized according to the needs of specific teams. The features of the corporate training model are as follows:

  • Flexible pricing options
  • Ability to choose between a self-paced or instructor-led model
  • Enterprise-grade LMS
  • 24*7 assistance for learners
  • Enterprise dashboards for teams and individuals

Wrapping up

Enrolling in the AWS training and certification program will help you explore multiple career opportunities in cloud computing. The course content is well-structured to help learners understand every concept with ease. Even though prior knowledge about AWS will work in favor of learners, it is not a prerequisite.