How to Hitch a Trailer to a Car

When hitching a trailer to a car, you must be patient and pay attention to safety. You should not strain your muscles during the process. You can use tape on the rear window to indicate the position of the trailer ball and line up the coupler marker. You can also ask a friend to help you in this process.

If your trailer does not have attached jacks, you can lift it by using a normal car jack. The jack should be located slightly behind the trailer coupler. When you have reached the proper height, you can lift the trailer and place it over the hitch ball.

The coupler latch is made of complicated hinge components. They can wear out and rust easily. In order to avoid this, try to get a QuickPin(tm) coupler. In case you have an offset coupler, raise the jack and align the coupler with the trailer ball. If the coupler is not properly aligned, your trailer might not hit the vehicle. Then, back up slowly to the coupler, taking extreme care not to over-stress the coupler.

Once you have positioned your vehicle and your trailer, the next step is to attach the ball mount and the trailer ball. In order to do this, you need to insert the ball mount shank into the receiver tube. Make sure that the holes are aligned, and then secure it using the tow ball or hitch lock. Once this is done, you should try wiggle the ball mount to make sure it is secure.