NetBase Quid Review

NetBase Quid is an analytics platform that helps brands manage their social media channels and understand the sentiments of their customers. It processes millions of social media posts every day to deliver data-driven insights to brands. The company’s platform offers built-in technologies that power real-time social media monitoring, brand health monitoring, competitor tracking, and social media listening.

NetBase Quid provides AI-powered social media analytics and consumer insights, and is trusted by companies including Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, United Airlines, YUM! Brands, and Microsoft. The platform is available to small, mid-sized, and enterprise clients. For more information, visit

The NetBase Quid platform utilizes network diagrams and artificial intelligence to identify trends and outliers. It also offers custom integrations and allows for manual or automated metric entry. The API allows for shared analytics across the organization. It provides insights and analytics that are easily accessible. If you have a lot of unstructured data, NetBase Quid will help you make sense of it.

NetBase Quid also includes an Intelligence Connector that connects various sources of data together. This saves companies hours of manual research. It combines data from social media, market, and consumer sources.