How to Style a Wig to Look Natural

To style a wig to look natural, first decide what you want the hair to do. For instance, if you want a big curl or spike, you can use a curl enhancing leave-in product. You should also use a heat protectant spray. Then, start blow-drying on a low heat.

It is very important to avoid damaging the fibre of your wig by using hot tools. You can use a curling iron or hair straighteners to straighten your hair but be sure that the hair is heat resistant. Make sure you check the fibers by placing them at the back. You can also use a flat iron to smooth out your wig’s ends.

Once you’ve chosen your hair color, the next step is to prep the wig. This is similar to preparing your own hair. If your wig has tangles, use a detangling brush to remove them. Begin at the ends and work your way up.

The wig cap construction is also important. Too thin or too large can make the wig look artificial and uncomfortable. A good guide will show you the right cap construction. It will also tell you what size wig you need. If the wig is too big, it may fall out of place. Also, the wig style must match the shape of your face. This will balance your face and make the wig less obvious.