How to Write an Essay in 20 Minutes

The first step in learning how to write an essay in 20 minutes is to understand your topic. Once you know what you’re writing about, make your points as concisely and effectively as possible. This can be done by using short sentences, which can convey more information in less time. Similarly, you can use quotations and remarks to support your point, if you don’t have enough words.

Next, brainstorm ideas. Brainstorming ideas will help you narrow down your topic and start seeing a theme emerge. Once you’ve done that, you should have a solid outline for the rest of your essay’s body. Using this outline will help you stay on topic and write your essay in a short period of time.

Another important aspect of how to write an essay in 20 minutes is to not allow yourself to get caught up in perfection. While writing an essay, your primary goal should be to produce good writing that is interesting and compelling. It should flow well and have a good hook. Make sure you check it for mistakes.

Once you know what you want to write, divide your time into sections and work on each section efficiently. Once you’ve done that, you can begin to increase your time. Once you’ve mastered this, you’ll be surprised at just how much you can get done in twenty minutes.