Indoor Plants A Beginner’s Guide to Greening Up Your Dubai Home

Do you know what makes your home interior more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing? The solution is very simple. Thoughtfulness! Choosing the ideal design, lighting, and decor are some of the core factors that the majority of people consider. However, focusing more rather than investing a fortune on these elements, by small indoor plants online in Dubai.

Indoor plants Dubai is one of the most economical solutions for the best interior designs. Indoor plants buy online are an excellent option for purifying air inside your have and they have a therapeutic capacity that will immediately brighten up your space.

Here are some of the major factors you must consider when you buy small indoor plants online in a country like the UAE, especially in Dubai.

Availability of Space

Some indoor plants Dubai grows more than 2 metres and do not grow so long will be an ideal choice for your interior space if you have a sufficient amount of space available to spare for indoor gardening. 

If you have small studios or apartments, don’t worry about that, it is better to buy small plants online that wouldn’t need much space. Also, there are more options like hanging plants that are the ideal choice to save your floor space. Pathos, Wandering Jews, and other plants can be grown in this way.

Availability of Light

Plant’s natures will be different from one another, and so will their needs be. Before you buy small indoor plants, check the availability of sunlight in your house. If the amount of sunlight is accurate for the place you want to perform indoor gardening for more than 4 hours daily. Such places can be suitable for growing Cactus, Jade plants, and more. If you receive only low sunlight, then it is easy to grow plants like ZZ plants, Pathos, Peace Lily, and more.


In Dubai, the city is known for its arid climate and it is better to grow humidity-loving plants including Ferns, Monsteras, Spider Plants, and more. These plants can be placed in kitchens and bathrooms as well to perk up the space a bit. In low humidity times, especially during the winter, it is better to grow plants like Cactus, however, these plants can thrive in almost all types of climates.

Forgetful Plant Parents

If you are a wandering person or travel far away from home for your business needs, it is quite normal to forget your small indoor plants at home. Therefore, it is important to choose plants wisely. Indoor plants buy online have different options including low-maintenance plants that can thrive even if you leave them unattended or without watering or fertilising. Such plants like ZZ plants, Aloe Vera, and more can grow in the highly humid season as well.

In conclusion, choosing the right indoor plants and giving them the right care will be the key elements to make them thrive sustainably. Similar to plant selection, it is important to choose the shop wisely. Plant Vista is a leading indoor plants Dubai supplier that also offers small indoor plant options which you can buy online at your convenience.