Introducing Golazo, The Newest FC 24 Campaign

Are you looking for EAFC boosting from professionals? Trust U7BUY for the job and you won’t regret it! Golazo is the newest campaign of FC 24. Fresh from the oven, this first edition brings us players and content. The theme of the campaign is formidable goals throughout soccer history.

What Is FC 24 Golazo

The FC 24 Golazo campaign is all about Icons and Heroes. These cards represent some of the world’s best football players. The event honors these famous players. The FC 24 team chose Heroes and Icons based on their accomplishments. The theme of the campaign is amazing goals, so you can expect to see some of the world’s best scorers featured in this campaign. The FC 24 event lasts for two weeks during which unique Heroes and Icons are up for grabs. The FC 24 store has Golazo-themed content as well. During the event, we can find classic kits from the most beloved teams in the world.

The premium FC 24 Golazo player selection includes high-rated items. We have 97 OVR Cruyff, 94 OVR Prinz, 94 OVR Charlton, 94 OVR Cafu, and 92 OVR Cole as the Icon cards. The Hero selection includes 93 OVR Berbatov, 92 OVR Ginola, 90 OVR Kohler, and several other famous soccer players.

FC 24 Golazo Content

The campaign comes with a selection of Icons and Heroes. There is something different about them compared to other campaigns. Each footballer will have two cards. They represent the player’s state when he achieved his Golazo moments. These two distinct versions are Senior and Junior for Icons and Heroes. You can find these cards in packs from the store. They are also available as rewards when you complete Golazo Squad Building Challenges.

The FC 24 Golazo activities also include Objectives and Evolutions. Players have the opportunity to build amazing customized moments when they evolve their players in several ways. You can then use these evolved cards to complete Objectives.

Where Does FC 24 Golazo Come From?

The campaign carries the name of a popular football expression: Golazo. This is a Spanish word. It’s a made-up word formed from “gol” which means goal in Spanish and “azo” which doesn’t really mean anything. In Portuguese, we have the equivalent term “golaco”. Both words are used to evoke an outstanding goal. The word is mostly used by football commentators.

The term golazo became popular in the 1990s. It all started in the UK with the introduction of the Channel 4 Football Italia. The theme song of the show had the word “golaco” in it. It was said by Jose Altafini. He is a famous Italian-Brazilian footballer. After retiring from playing, Altafini transitioned to a pundit career.

Fun fact: even if the word in the song is “golaco”, it was changed a bit to make it sound more like “go Lazio”. This was meant as an acknowledgment for Paul Gascoigne, an English player who was with Lazio between 1992-1995.


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