Iron Oxide Primer recommended for the best results.

Iron oxide primer can be applied using a brush or a short pile roller. It should be applied on a clean surface before applying the red rust inhibitor. Brush application does not require thinning, but airless spraying requires a reduction solution of ten to fifteen percent by volume. The application pressure should be at least 2000 psi, and two coats are recommended for the best results.

Red Iron Oxide Primer is an excellent paint for any ferrous metal surface, including steel and galvanized metal. It provides the perfect anti-corrosion coating to protect the metal from rusting. It is similar to an interior wall primer in that it acts as a binding medium between the metal and the top coat. When fully dried, this primer can be covered with conventional topcoats.

Zinc-rich primers were previously made by adding spherical zinc dust portal to a semisolid epoxy resin. The latter was considered the most effective anticorrosion agent, and its performance was improved after exposure to 1,512 hours. However, zinc-rich primers did have a longer drying time and a lower hardness, but exhibited superior adhesion, impact resistance, and bending resistance.

Red oxide primer is superior to epoxy primer. Red oxide will adhere to rusty surfaces, and can even be used on previously painted surfaces. However, it must be applied after the surface is thoroughly cleaned.