Is HealthTap Real?

Currently, there are several telemedicine startups in the market. Some of them offer services such as virtual primary care provider, medical experts to answer health questions, and prescriptions. But some of these startups have been questioned for their authenticity and lack of transparency.

Virtual primary care provider

Whether you are HealthTap interested in managing your diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, or other chronic health conditions, virtual care can offer convenient, cost-effective care. While it cannot replace every in-person service, it can help increase access to healthcare in rural areas and make care more accessible to people in need.

Virtual care allows people to see a primary care doctor without having to leave their home. It can also help avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency room.

HealthTap offers a wide range of care including telemedicine, primary care, and Urgent Care. In addition to video visits, HealthTap provides its subscribers with free texting with their doctor. It also provides a wide range of wellness and health app recommendations.

HealthTap’s proprietary patient-doctor matching technology is similar to ride-sharing services. Users can review a doctor’s credentials before scheduling an appointment.

Telemedicine startup

Founded six years ago, HealthTap is a telemedicine startup that connects patients with medical specialists. Its platform allows customers to contact a network of physicians using video chat, text or voice.

HealthTap aims to save time and money by making it easy to avoid trips to the doctor or emergency room. Its Prime subscription service allows users to see a licensed physician through video or text chat. It also sends patients reminders to take their medicine and provides personalized health tips. HealthTap also offers continuing education credits for physicians.

Medical experts to answer health questions

Powered by artificial intelligence and a medical knowledgebase, HealthTap uses medical experts to answer health questions. The company offers a free online symptom checker and virtual appointments with doctors.

HealthTap has more than 6,000 physicians participating, representing the current state of medical knowledge. A user can ask a question, view answers from physicians, follow doctors who are helpful, and send a message to a physician.

The site has a point system and a nifty picture-posting application. In addition, HealthTap incorporates peer review and natural language processing. This allows for faster interactions. HealthTap also allows users to follow doctors who specialize in specific areas of health.

In a recent study, HealthTap showed that more than 60 percent of adults have sought health information online. It also showed that 60 percent of adults prefer to learn about health information online.

Prescriptions cannot be provided

During a Virtual Consult, a Medical Expert performs a consultation with a patient. The Medical Expert may recommend a medication. However, a prescription is not guaranteed. A prescription is only provided if the Medical Expert determines that a medical concern warrants it. This service is not provided to minors. A medical consultation is not a substitute for a physical exam or a formal diagnosis.

The content on HealthTap is intended for educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Patients should never delay seeking professional medical advice. You should also consult with a doctor in the event of an emergency. In the event that you cannot contact a physician, call 911.

HealthTap is not responsible for any content posted by Medical Experts on HealthTap or for damage to property. The user of HealthTap is responsible for maintaining the security of his/her account. If the user suspects that another user is using his/her account without permission, he/she should change the password immediately. The user of HealthTap agrees not to post personal information, spam, pyramid schemes, or chain letters. The user also agrees not to post material that contains viruses, software code, or any other computer code that could damage HealthTap or another user’s computer.


Thousands of people are using HealthTap, an online health information service. It’s available in every state, and provides audio and video telemedicine services. HealthTap offers a range of services including same day video appointments, prescriptions, and urgent care. It also provides a list of more than 11,000 physicians. Among its customers are health systems, self-insured employers, and insurance companies.

HealthTap provides virtual medical care to all Americans. To begin, you need to sign up for a free account. After you’ve done that, you’ll be asked to fill out a questionnaire, which will ask you questions about your health, current conditions, medications, and body parts. You can then choose a primary care physician.


In order to use HealthTap, you’ll need a smartphone. It’s important to note that HealthTap requires a high-speed 3G connection for video. However, it can accommodate slower connections for live text chatting.