Simple Steps For Registering And Downloading Cowin Documents

The Covid Vaccination Intelligence Network, often known as COWIN, is an official government website that keeps information on the covid-19 vaccine. COWIN not only provides information on the vaccine, but it also acts as a portal for the registration of the covid vaccine and offers immunization records or certificates to those who have gotten vaccinated. Let’s have a look at the features of this web site and the steps required to get these documents.

Utility of COWIN portal

The COWIN online platform was developed by the Indian government with the intention of making the covid-19 vaccine accessible to all citizens of the country. Both the Aarogya Setu app and the Umang app are linked to the COWIN online platform, which enables users to register for their preferred vaccination appointment times and book those slots in advance. The cowin application registration process is simple and these are the steps that need to be taken in order to register for it:

  • Launch the website or app and look for the registration link. The information on your Aadhar card will be used to generate an OTP, which will then enable you to log in and establish a profile for yourself.
  • You may also register on the COWIN website by creating a profile there, downloading the aarogya setu app, and registering using it.
  • In the event that you are unable to register for the vaccination online, you can visit your nearest healthcare center or vaccination site in order to schedule an appointment. Every registration is completely free of charge.

After completing the necessary steps to register yourself online and selecting a time to get the injection, you will be required to obtain the first dosage in person at the vaccination center. After you have completed both doses, a certificate of vaccination will be sent to you. This certificate will contain the beneficiary reference ID, the name of the vaccine, the dosage dates, and the location where the vaccine was administered. To verify that a person has been properly vaccinated, scan the QR code that is located at the bottom of the vaccination certificate.

What Are The COWIN documents? Why Are They Needed?

As evidence that a person has had their vaccinations, the Indian government gives the COWIN vaccination certificate. The recipient of this certificate, which can be seen on the COWIN website, the aarogya setu application, and the umang application, receives it after both vaccine doses have been successfully administered. Personal information such as names, dates, and vaccine information is contained on this certificate in addition to a QR code that may be scanned to confirm the cowin vaccination certificate.

Due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the governments of several nations have made it essential for individuals to provide evidence of vaccination before traveling, and have prohibited persons who have not been vaccinated from traveling. It is essential to have this certificate on hand at all times since it is required for access into a number of public locations and participation in a variety of public events. If you do not have this certificate, you may be denied access into a number of institutions, including airports, train stations, retail malls, theaters, and public areas.

How To Download The COWIN Documents?

After receiving both vaccine doses, each person receives a unique vaccine certificate. It is also portable and accessible without an internet connection. The cowin website, the aarogya setu app, the umang app, the Eka care app, and the digilocker app all provide the option to get the cowin vaccination certificate. Here’s how you can download the vaccine via different sites:

From The Cowin Website

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Register or Sign In

Step 3: Verify it by clicking on your name and navigating to the OTP Find certificate page.

Step 4: Save the certification.

Step 5: Using the Aarogya Setu App

Step 6: Download the aarogya setu app on your phone.

Step 7: Sign up or log in with your mobile phone, or log in.

Step 8: Select “cowin” from the tabs.

Step 8: To input your 13-digit beneficiary ID from your vaccination certificate, choose “vaccine certificate” and click.

Save the certification.

Via Digilocker

On your smartphone, download the digilocker application.

Register or log in to the app

Click the Covid vaccination certificate under “documents you may require.”

Give the certificate your 13-digit beneficiary ID.

Visit Eka Care To Download The Certification

Step 1: Go to on the eka care website.

Step 2: Enter your registered 10-digit cell phone number.

Step 3: Type OTP

Step 4: Get your cowin vaccination certificate through WhatsApp

Get the certification

The certificate may also be retrieved using your mobile device or Aadhar number, however the aforementioned procedures are the simplest.