Kirill Yurovskiy: Digital Nomad Community. How to Find Like-Minded People

The digital nomad lifestyle offers unprecedented freedom and flexibility to work and travel the world. However, such a non-traditional way of living can also get lonely at times without a community for support. Fortunately, various online and offline resources make it easier than ever for digital nomads to find and bond with like-minded people.

Why Connecting Matters

For digital nomads, community serves purposes beyond socialization. Relationships with fellow nomads provide practical support, inspiration to keep pushing through the uncertainties of this path, and a sense of belonging in an otherwise rootless existence.  

While connecting with locals in each destination has its perks, relationships with fellow nomads who intrinsically understand this fluid lifestyle often run deeper. Having friends to meet up with also enhances the travel experience.  

With more people embracing remote work in the wake of the pandemic, the digital nomad community is growing. This makes it an opportune time to tap into this movement.

Online Communities

In-person meetups may not always be practical when on the move. Fortunately, Facebook groups, Slack channels, forums, and other online platforms enable digital nomads across the world to connect and interact.

Popular Facebook groups like Digital Nomad Network, Digital Nomads Around the World, and Girls Love Travel create space for conversations on everything from destination recommendations to entrepreneurship advice. The Digital Nomad Forum and the Reddit digital nomad thread also see regular activity.

These groups generally have a casual, community feel. However, more professional networks like TechDigitalNomads on Slack and the Digital Nomad Association focus on career-building. Most online communities are free to join, but some like Hacker Paradise require an application or paid membership.

Coworking Spaces

These shared work facilities catering specifically to location independent workers bring together resident nomads in cities worldwide. Coworking spaces provide infrastructure like fast wifi and private call booths combined with community events from skill-shares to weekend outings. 

Many digital nomads make coworking spaces their homebase when in cities like Chiang Mai, Medellin, Lisbon, and Ubud—networking hubs on the nomad circuit. Workfrom and ShareDESQ help locate these spaces in over 200 countries. Read More here

Coliving Spaces

A step up from coworking spaces, coliving facilitates deeper bonds through communal neighborhood living. These spaces consist of serviced apartments with shared social areas. 

Coliving spaces like Outsite, Sun Desk, and Roam assemble thoughts leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives, and nomadic professionals under one roof for weeks or months at a time. This live-work environment combined with curated meetups and outings accelerates professional growth and relationships.

Conferences and Events

Short-term events centered around the digital nomad and startup community provide intensive networking and learning opportunities. Chief among these are the annual Nomad Cruise and Nomad Summit in addition to regional conferences like DNX.

These conferences cram workshops, talks by influencers, networking sessions, and parties into 2-5 days. The extended facetime in an intimate yet stimulating atmosphere forges connections equivalent to months of online interactions. The associated Facebook groups and WhatsApp channels allow conversations to continue well after.

Tours and Retreats


Numerous tour operators like Unsettled and WiFi Tribe organize 1-4 week overseas retreats blending co-working, co-living, and unique local experiences. These small group trips gather nomads around specific themes like yoga, permaculture, personal growth etc. The shared new environments and -activities break barriers to foster deep bonds.

Hacker Paradise, Koru Life, and The Remote Experience take a skills-focused approach by running tropical code and creating camps. Filled with participants across tech roles and skill levels, the immersive programming solidifies both technical and interpersonal skills.

Local Meetups

In cities with a big nomad presence like Berlin and Barcelona, local couchsurfing and meetup groups like Barcelona Digital Nomads host regular socials. Partnering with local co-working spaces, these community-driven events connect nomads and remote workers in the area. Activities range from informal drinks to picnics, museum trips, dance classes, and hiking.

Many location independent creatives also unite through platforms like Sofar Sounds and Eatwith. These organizations stage pop-up concerts and dinners facilitating mingling opportunities. Facebook and Couchsurfing hangouts keep the conversations going in between.

Travel Companions

Websites like Nomad Soulmates, Nomadr, and Backpackr along with the r/DigitalNomadBuddies subreddit connect travelers planning overlapping routes or destinations. Traveling with a companion provides safety, shared costs, and camaraderie. 

Hashtag searches on Instagram and TikTok can also reveal digital nomads heading to common spots. Partners in these temporary relationships often end up as friends.

Building a Support System

The transient nature of digital nomadism necessitates extra effort to nurture relationships. However deep or fleeting, these connections ground us amidst the uprooted lifestyle.

When in a location, be proactively social both at co-working and coliving spaces and local nomad meetups. Exchanging contact info is key to following up with interesting folks for one-on-one meetups or virtual chats. 

Scheduling video calls to catch up with nomads in base locations like Chiang Mai and Medellin during the passage ensures meaningful relationships stay alive. It also opens doors to local insider tips or even a free couch when visiting.

Crossing paths again whether down the road or across the world occurs more often in this community. But organic relationships require investing in each other’s journeys through the little things that support lasting bonds.

The digital nomad experience comes with ebbs and flows of adventure and loneliness. Surrounding ourselves with those who understand its nuances is invaluable. In big ways and small, this community of kindred spirits helps us make the most of both the freedom and challenges of location independence.