Mastering Live Football Betting: Strategies And Tips For In-play Wagers

Live play attracts a lot of bettors. There are two main reasons: more thrills and the opportunity to get more winnings.

You can bet during the match at many bookmakers. How this is implemented on the playgrounds is well illustrated by 1xBet review from the site about sports and betting Dailysports.

In order for live betting to bring good winnings and vivid emotions, it is important to gamble correctly. To do this, you need to use special strategies for betting during the event. The simplest tactic that will suit beginners is to wait for the favorite to make a mistake. It is implemented as follows:

  1. The upcoming competitions are being studied.
  2. A match is selected where one team is significantly stronger than the other.
  3. After the start of the game, it is monitored.
  4. When the favorite team makes a mistake, a bet is made on its winning.

The tactic’s logic is that bookmakers calculate the bet according to the coefficient that is relevant at the time of conclusion. If one of the opponents makes a mistake, the quote for him grows, as the mathematical probability of his victory decreases. However, the chances of success of the favorite are still high. Thus, if you bet on it after an error, you can get a bigger win by using an increased multiplier when calculating the payout.

Types of football live bets

The basis of live match data is classic football bets. Among them are 1×2, double chance, handicap, and various types of total. However, bookmakers offer other betting options that can only be implemented during the game:

  • Next goal. Here a gambler needs to guess which of the teams will score the ball into the opponent’s goal next.
  • Command win in Time. Here a bettor predicts which of the opponents will win the current half.
  • Goal race. The bookmaker names a certain number of goals, and the gambler guesses which team will reach it first in the match.

There are also bets where it is necessary to predict the occurrence of an event within a certain period of time. For example, a goal in the next 10 minutes.

Usually the number of live markets is much less than in pre-match. However, there are bookmakers that offer over 100 options for each competition, which is a good solution to easily find the right bet.

You can read about betting during the game in the popular international bookmaker in review on 1xBet from Dailysports. It also talks about other aspects of the bookmaker: withdrawals, payment systems, bonus offers, slot machines, and other gambling entertainment on the office’s website.