Places To Explore Between Dubai And Sharjah

Dubai and Sharjah are among the top travel destinations in the whole world. Both these emirates are present in the UAE and are well known for advancement and modernization. World’s famous monuments, fun activities, and amazing rides are available in both these emirates. You can rent your dream car there to explore these two emirates in an even more enjoyable way. You can rent car with driver in Dubai or Sharjah and explore these amazing emirates comfortably.

The fun, thrill, and enjoyment are not confined to these two emirates only. You can have the same fun and thrill even when you are traveling between the two emirates. You need to rent a car with a driver in one emirate and travel towards the other to explore the places that are present on the route. Numerous touring spots are present on the route between the two cities and you should never move forwards without exploring them. Let’s have a look at the major places to explore present on the route between Dubai and Sharjah.

Ajman Museum

This museum is among the best places to explore on the route between Sharjah to Dubai. This museum contains a lot of historical assets of the UAE. The key thing that is dominant in this museum is the architecture of the Muslims in previous eras. Several architectural models are present in this museum. Apart from that, a deep history of the early days of the UAE when it was a pearl market is also present there. If you want to know about the deep history of the UAE, then you must stop at this museum and explore it.

City Center Ajman

City Center Ajman is a beautiful shopping palace on the route between Dubai and Sharjah. It is an advanced shopping mall where you can buy anything you want. It has a hypermarket and plenty of lifestyle stores. A series of restaurants and cafes are also present there where you can rest and enjoy delicious meals. Apart from all the fun and enjoyment it offers, City Center Ajman has a 6-screen cinema as well where you can watch the latest shows with your travel partner.

Sharjah Natural History and Botanical Museum

This museum is a 20-minute drive from Dubai when you head on the Dubai-Sharjah route. This museum is a place to explore a whole diversity of wildlife. If you want to explore the wildlife of the UAE, then this place is the best option for you. Plenty of animals and plants are present in this museum. Numerous rare plants are present in this botanical museum. It is a place to explore the secrets of UAE’s desert life as well.

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek is present just 12 to 15 KM away from Dubai when you head toward Sharjah via Sheikh Zayed Road. Dubai Creek is a natural saltwater creek and is a great touring spot in the UAE. You can opt for a car rental with driver in Sharjah or Dubai and can head towards this creek. Here you can participate in a lot of adventurous activities. The first thing you have to do there is to explore the natural port of this creek that is formed by the inward folding of this water body.

This port is traditionally used for trading and transportation. Then you have to visit the park present in this region to explore the natural beauty. The canal is the best place to spend a quality time in the evening. Seeing the sun setting while sitting near the bank of the canal is a very relaxing activity. You can get caught in these spelling moments.

Wild Wadi Waterpark Dubai

This amazing water park is also an important place to stop when traveling between Dubai and Sharjah. This outdoor waterpark is an amazing place to explore, especially in summer. Amazing water rides are the main attractions of this park. It is present near the Jumeirah area. So, you can explore Jumeirah Beach and other monuments present in this area.

Bottom Line

Apart from the aforementioned touring spots, many other places are also present between Sharjah and Dubai. You must explore them as well. However, you can get a chance of doing so only when you are traveling via Sheikh Zayed Road.