Private Lenders In Canada: Flexible Financing Solutions For Your Needs

Private lenders Canada provide borrowers with loans at more attractive interest rates and terms. Most are willing to work with those with bad credit; however, their interest rates tend to be higher than traditional mortgage lenders.

As home prices increase and mortgage qualification criteria tighten, more borrowers may seek private lending solutions; this could include those with bruised credit or high debt loads.


Symple Loans offers an efficient and straightforward method to secure personal loans quickly. Utilizing innovative digital technology and advanced analytics, lending decisions are made faster allowing borrowers to receive their loan offer in mere minutes.

Debt consolidation loans from this company provide those with high credit card balances with an effective solution for paying back their debts faster and with reduced interest.

Established in Australia in 2018, Symple Loans recently made the leap across the pond, setting up shop in Toronto’s financial district. Utilizing an innovative marketplace model, Symple Loans offers personalized personal loans at significantly lower interest rates than what banks are currently providing their borrowers with.


Loanz is a personal loan provider that offers a digital, transparent experience throughout all aspects of its lending process. Customers may use their funds for any purpose they see fit such as wedding costs, emergency expenses or debt consolidation.

Loanz not only offers personal loans but also provides software to automate lenders’ underwriting and funding processes. As a leader in socially responsible financing, Loanz provides employees instant low-cost term loans that they repay via payroll deduction. Located in Irvine, California – Loanz has been operating successfully for over one year with great traction within its marketplace.

Loan Away

Loan Away offers personal loans ranging from 6 to 36 months in terms, and installment loans as a means of consolidating existing debt from other money lenders – helping reduce monthly payments while increasing chances of approval for a new loan.

At they employ cutting-edge proprietary technology to process loan applications quickly. Their online application is user friendly and they do not maintain expensive retail branches which enables them to pass along savings to their customers.

This company provides unsecured personal loans for people with poor or no credit. Furthermore, they accept applicants who have filed bankruptcy or consumer proposal.

Loans Canada

Loans Canada, an online loan aggregator established in 2012, provides an easy-to-use application used by multiple lenders, providing more choices and faster turnaround times than competing platforms. They work with lenders offering various personal loan types – including unsecured ones!

Loans Canada partners offer an assortment of loan products, from credit-building loans and debt consolidation to auto loans without collateral requirements; perfect for individuals with poor or no credit scores as well as commercial mortgage lending for small businesses and commercial property purchases.


GoPeer stands out as an unusual source for personal loans on the market today. Canada’s first consumer peer-to-peer lending platform enables everyday investors to contribute money towards funding borrowers’ loans; their products cater to creditworthy Canadians at lower interest rates than traditional lenders.

GoPeer loans feature an online application process with clear steps for approval status notifications within one day. Also, flexible repayment terms of 36-60 months help borrowers stay on top of their debt repayment schedules.

This company operates under strict government of Quebec guidelines and adheres to all lending regulations. Furthermore, they conduct in-depth credit checks on each borrower to protect the safety of their investments.


Fairstone Financial is one of Canada’s premier providers of personal loans and debt consolidation solutions. Their products and services include secured and unsecured personal loans as well as debt consolidation solutions; in addition, their network boasts over 240 branches nationwide.

Your loan request can be completed online and within days a lending specialist will reach out to verify your information – this process is called soft credit checking and won’t have an adverse impact on your score.

In order to qualify for a Fairstone personal loan, it is necessary to present proof of income and employment. Document requirements vary by province/territory.