Mississauga Handyman Services For All Your Home Needs

Mississauga Handyman Services offer comprehensive handyman services to install or repair virtually anything around the home, from hanging picture frames to fixing appliances – they have you covered!

Install a pet door so your pets and visitors can easily enter and leave the house, while hiring an experienced Local Pro to fill any cracks or holes in your walls.


Painting can be an easy and effective way to transform the appearance of your home, giving it a fresh new look while improving air quality by eliminating dust particles from ceilings. But be warned – painting can be messy work for inexperienced homeowners!

A drywall installer and finisher begins by measuring and cutting pieces of drywall to fit the space, then taping and sanding them down before filling any gaps or cracks in the walls with patch material and painting over it with primer or paint. They work on residential as well as commercial properties, providing free quotes with guaranteed outcomes from experience professionals spanning various fields.

Drywall Repair

Drywall is an immensely flexible material, capable of being formed to fit around outlets and wiring without being broken; however, dents or cracks will occur as part of its natural wear-and-tear cycle.

Dents and small cracks may be easily repaired with touch-up paint, while major damage should be addressed professionally to ensure its continuation. Cracks wider than 1/8″, as well as those accompanying a sagging ceiling require professional assistance to ensure they don’t worsen further.

To address a crack, apply drywall compound to fill in the hole and lightly sand before painting. Priming first is also advised in order to protect gypsum beneath latex paint from moisture absorption and protect it against cracking further down the road. Hiring a handyman’s services may help identify and resolve the cause, avoiding costly repairs in future.

Electrical Repair

Mississauga handymen are trusted professionals when it comes to replacing light fixtures or installing ceiling fans, electrical repairs, upgrading breaker boxes and mounting TVs and electronics – not to mention replacing or repairing receptacles and switches! Their extensive experience makes them quick at addressing any problems that may arise quickly.

Mohamed Hussein and Tamer Aly, owners of Handyman Connection, believe in cultivating relationships between their customers and craftspeople – they see this as key to creating a thriving business. Committed to providing high-quality work at competitive rates, Handyman Connection also provides free guaranteed quotes for any project they undertake and is insured against property damage liability claims.

Plumbing Repair

An interrupted plumbing line can result in costly flooding damage, so it is crucial that you contact a professional plumber immediately in order to mitigate it. Mississauga plumbers offer fast repair solutions to keep your home dry. Furthermore, these experts offer numerous other services, including bathtub re-caulking services, faucet repairs/replacements as well as drain cleaning.

Mohamed Hussein and Tamer Aly, owners of Handyman Connection Mississauga, believe in building lasting relationships with their clients and have an intense passion for providing quality jobs that help homeowners realize their goals and realize their dreams.

Handymen from Handy Solutions are highly-skilled professionals with years of experience across various fields. Additionally, they’re covered by a property damage liability policy so you can have peace of mind knowing your home is being taken care of in good hands.


Handymen typically possess an array of carpentry skills that enable them to undertake small home projects successfully, such as hanging pictures and fixing appliances; installing new fixtures; making minor repairs in kitchens and bathrooms; as well as being knowledgeable in operating various power tools.

Mohamed Hussein and Tamer Aly are experienced professionals who recognize that building trust with customers is paramount to business success. After working in various countries worldwide, they found Mississauga an ideal location to raise their two sons.

People living in Mississauga enjoy its culture, festivals and outdoor activities; its proximity to Toronto and Great Lakes Waterfront Trail; as well as having the opportunity to start or grow a successful business within its vibrant community.