What Is Online Counselling? and counsellors licensed to practice online counselling

Online Therapy Canada (also referred to as teletherapy or e-counseling) enables people to access mental health services over the Internet via various forms of communication such as email, video conferencing, phone calls and text messaging.

Psychologists and counsellors licensed to practice online counselling are available across Canada; the availability may differ by province. Many insurance plans cover virtual counseling sessions.


Online counselling is an easy and discreet way to access professional support from a licensed counsellor. You can connect with one in the privacy of your own home and discuss any issues that are troubling you – an option especially helpful for people who find discussing their problems publicly difficult.

When booking an appointment, you’re typically asked for some basic information such as your name and issue you’re facing. Some therapists also provide free phone consultations in order to see if they’re an ideal match for you; this can help determine whether to book in-person or online appointments.

An online therapy session allows you to communicate with your therapist through video conferencing systems or chat applications, though the experience may feel less intimate than meeting in person. Online sessions also tend to be cheaper and simpler.


Online therapy offers many people looking for privacy a great solution. Therapists must adhere to stringent confidentiality standards in order to protect client information that does not pass outside a secure encrypted system that adheres to local or provincial law – this ensures clients can access services like insurance providers or medications without fear of unintended disclosures.

Online therapists use secure video technology that meets Ontario’s privacy regulations, similar to FaceTime or Skype. This enables you to meet with your therapist from the comfort of your own home or preferred space and can reduce stress.

An added advantage of online therapy sessions is having access to your therapist from work without needing to request time off or worry about the employer observing a confidential conversation. This is particularly useful for rural or remote locations that lack easy access to local therapists and support services.


Online therapy enables clients to access counselling services without traveling long distances for appointments, making this especially helpful for people living in rural or smaller communities where counsellor options may be limited.

Privacy of online therapy is another advantage; clients have the flexibility of communicating with their therapist via chat, text or video call, as well as choosing between having sessions in private spaces or not, depending on their preferences and comfort levels.

Many health insurance providers now cover the costs associated with online counselling, making it a more cost-effective solution for Canadians. There are numerous apps and websites offering secure connections between clients and licensed therapists; most platforms also comply with privacy regulations to protect clients’ data; once sessions have concluded, clients will typically receive a receipt that can be submitted back to their benefits provider for reimbursement.


Online therapy is a relatively novel form of treatment. Unlike traditional counselling sessions, online therapy allows clients to access mental health services from around the globe via internet-connected therapists. Although this has many advantages, its downsides also require specific technologies and cost structures; regardless, its main goals include helping reduce distress through expression, changing unhelpful attitudes or behaviors and creating productive ways of coping.

Price for online therapy will depend on your chosen therapy type and communication method with your therapist, such as instant messaging, live video chats or phone calls with them. In addition to fees charged by individual therapists you should consider other costs such as extra services provided, insurance costs and the cost of renting private space in which to meet with them.

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