Reasons Why Rain Gun Sprinkler in Kenya Are Getting More Popular

Sprinklers are the most preferred and efficient irrigation method in Kenya. A Rain gun is the most used micro-irrigation device for applying water in a regulated manner similar to rainfall. They are primarily used to irrigate crops that may need to be more varied, especially those on uneven land where enough water is unavailable and in sandy areas.

The sprinkler is the most preferred method of irrigation since it comes with the benefits to the user, such as more than half of the water needed for flood irrigation being conserved, labor saved, conserves electricity, as well as the total area irrigated per day practically doubling as 12 an acre, can be watered in 1 12 hours.

Best Design

Rain gun sprinklers are available for sale in various designs and sizes. They have all sizes made of steel and brass. It is made to be used in a range of situations where reasonably strong flows and a wide water throw radius are preferred. Rain gun sprinklers’ working pressure and flow range are 2.0 to 7.5 kg/cm2 as well as 3 to 30, respectively.

Different Type

There are six main types of rain guns available; Skipper, Impact, Mariner,Penguin Pelican, Triangular Spacing, and Flamingo Rain Gun. The type varies depending on the makeup material, whether plastic or metallic, as well as on Irrigation diameter and water discharge volume cubic per hour.

Economies of Scale

Different sprinklers come to varying prices in Kenya, but rain gun sprinkler price in Kenya is the most affordable. Rain guns are utilized if you want to irrigate huge fields at once. A minimum amount of effort and electricity is required to irrigate the land using the guns. Pests and insects are eliminated by irrigation using rain guns.

Simple Installation

There are simple guidelines provided for fixing the sprinklers. In most cases, a site assessment visit is conducted before installing a rain gun sprinkler system in a farm to ascertain; the suitability of this overhead irrigation system for the crop, the farm terrain, the amount of water available, and, if one exists, the water pump specifications.

Availability for use

The sprinkler is readily and widely available in the market. Kenyans utilize rain gun sprinklers to irrigate crops, orchards, forests, lawns, and grasses. They are also commonly used to control dust in construction zones. Farmers can save time and labor by using rain gun sprinklers to cover huge areas with water.

Brand New Model

The two-nozzle steel as well as brass rain-gun model is a brand-new sprinkler variant for the Kenyan market. Two nozzles, a large top nozzle measuring 16 mm as well as a small bottom nozzle measuring 8 mm, make up these rain gun’s characteristics. The little nozzle’s job is to remove any “water shadow” areas or regions of the irrigated land that are dry.


This article provides the most common reasons why farmers in Kenya prefer sprinklers. Hence it offers the best knowledge to agriculturists concerning efficient and effective irrigation methods.