Use of app membranes for Waterproofing in the Construction Industry

Waterproofing is aspect developers keenly look into during construction to avoid penetration and leaking of water into the building. The atactic polypropylene membrane, commonly known as app membrane, is a sheet-like cellular membrane used as a sealant in many construction works.

This article aims to assess the use as well as the benefits of app membranes in the construction industry.

The vast amounts of investments put into the construction of buildings and facilities leave no room for leaks in the structures. Construction firms aim to prevent water intrusion into these structures of value by using app membranes. Its use has gained much traction in many applications: cement roofs, slope terraces, restrooms, ponds, water reservoirs, cement pathways, and many others.

The membrane is fixed onto the surface of interest by using a flame to hold it firmly onto the surface.

Features of app membrane that make it stand out

Waterproofing strength; the membrane is completely watertight and leaves no room for leaks. With proper flame sealing onto the surface, permanent sealing is achieved.

Durability; materials used for making the membrane are very durable, giving it the test of time. The homogeneity of the components makes them resistant to alteration of their characteristics over time. It gives a very durable sealing that stays intact for a long. This reduces the cost of repairs and maintenance when the membrane is used.

Tensile strength; refers to the load the app membrane can withstand before fracturing and tearing under strain. The amount of research put into its development gives it high tensile strength, making it valuable among waterproofing materials.

Ease of installation; laying this waterproof membrane is easy and does not require technical knowledge. The time taken for installation is short and so reduces its cost. Since it is packaged as a sheet, there is minimal wastage during installation.

Temperature control; the nature of the membrane makes it have very good temperature control during periods of extreme weather conditions. When used in roofing, the insulation effect is great.

Application of the waterproofing membrane

An appropriate procedure is followed when applying the membrane on the surface to achieve a firm hold. The surface is cleaned thoroughly to remove bulges, grease, and lose materials. A priming solution is sprayed onto the cleaned surface before laying the membrane.

In addition, when using a flame from a propane tank, the membrane is firmly laid to the surface by pressing it to the substrate and fixed to the joints using mortar.


App waterproofing is a technology that has helped prevent the problem of water leakage into constructions. The menace of leaks is so serious that no serious investor would want to leave a space for it. App membranes have proved worthy of accolades for waterproofing that is beyond measure. It is a technology that is worth investing in.

As a result, if you want to acquire the most suitable device that suits your needs, it is advisable to conduct ample research.