The most exciting encounters in the ⅛ Champions League

The World Cup has just ended, but fans should not get bored. After all, in a little more than a month the playoffs of the Champions League begin! You can bet on your favorite club at bookmaker company StBet.

We picked the most interesting pairs in ⅛:

  • Milan – Tottenham;
  • PSG – Bayern;
  • Borussia Dortmund – Chelsea;
  • Liverpool – Real Madrid.

Which of these clubs will pass to the quarterfinals? Let’s take a closer look at each encounter.

Milan – Tottenham

A confrontation between the Italian champion and the 4th team of England, which is coached by an Italian. Stefano Pioli versus Antonio Conte. Both coaches were Serie A champions and are considered among the best in their country. StBet gives slightly higher odds on the Italians passing. Tottenham are 11 points clear of second place, while AC Milan are second with 10. However, the “Roosters” secured their exit from the group only in the 6th round in the 95th minute, so we can expect a match of equal teams.

PSG vs Bayern

Both clubs are favorites in the Champions League, both champions and leaders of their countries. We all remember the final in 2020, they also met in 2021, the Parisians were stronger. “Bayern” is the champion of the selection, again won 6 out of 6 games in their group. PSG with 14 points sensationally lost 1st place to “Benfica” on additional indicators, but it has the best scorer of the World Cup-2022 – Kylian Mbappé. In the home game, the French have a better chance, but the favorite to pass is the Germans.

Borussia Dortmund – Chelsea

“Chelsea made the playoffs from 1st place with 13 points. Borussia Dortmund came in 2nd place with 9 points. Both sides have something to prove: The Bumblebees are in 6th place and the Pensioners are in 10th place. Since the arrival of Graham Potter, the Londoners are in a protracted crisis and can’t get out of it. That’s why Chelsea is the favorite, but their poor form leveled the playing field. You can bet on this match, stBet app download apk. The teams have not met in the Champions League before.

Liverpool vs Real Madrid

Undoubtedly the most interesting match in the ⅛ Champions League. The finalist and the winner of the last league meet. Liverpool and Real Madrid have played each other so often in the past years that we got used to it. Just as we are accustomed to the victories of the “Cream”. Can Jürgen Klopp break the tradition and beat Carlo Ancelotti’s team? You can easily bet on this super match from your mobile device in stBet app, you only need to download apk. Liverpool is the favorite in the home match. It is a paradox: the Spaniards are first in the group with 13 points while the English are second with 15 points. All because of the defeat (1:4) by Napoli in the first round.