The Popular Punching Bag Styles For Combat Sports Enthusiasts

Any high-intensity exercise or martial arts and boxing practice involves using a punching bag. It’s an indispensable tool to develop endurance, power, and precision. The combat sports players attach a lot of importance to this to master their techniques. But how do you know which punching bag is right for your training? After all, the varieties are mind-boggling. You must be sure about their design, utility, and advantages to choose the correct option. Here is a quick insight into this.

Regular heavy punching bag

It is the most common form of punching bag you must have seen. It can have different fillings, such as fibers, sand, or grains. The cylindrical design is popular with martial arts and boxing practitioners. They rely on this to improve their kicks and punches. Plus, you can also condition your wrists and knuckles through continuous striking. You hang these heavy bags from a sturdy ceiling or stand. They are the most versatile option as they suit almost all training environments. Whether a beginner or an advanced player, you can choose this style hassle-free.

Freestanding punching bag

On a site like Revgear, you can find various punching bag options, including this. The upright punching bag model has a stable base filled with sand or water. You can ditch the hanging one for this space-saving feature if you have a smaller training space. This heavy bag lets you practice hooks, jabs, kicks, and punches. You can also work on your footwork, which is immensely required when facing an opponent. You can move this punching bag anywhere with ease – indoors or outdoors.

Teardrop punching bag

The unique shape lets you hone your hooks, uppercuts, and other strikes. Traditional heavy bags may need to catch up in this area. You will want it if you are an MMA or Muay Thai player. The bag’s special shape encourages you to use your body and hand best for more power and precise technique development. You can also improve your clinch work. 

Wrecking ball 

Also referred to as a body snatcher, the spherical design helps you enhance your punches and power. Since this heavy bag swings only a little, your strikes can be more accurate and precise. You can rely on this punching bag to make your uppercuts and hooks invincible. If you achieve this, you can easily overcome your opponent in combat sports by targeting his midsection and sides. Boxers usually love this punching bag style more. It enables them to involve their hips and core better for a knockout. The smaller design is easy to accommodate in a small home gym. 

Uppercut donut-style punching bag

This heavy punch bag offers a wide scope to get your straight punches, uppercut punches, and angled punches solid. It reduces injury risks as well. Beginner and advanced-level boxers risk their hand or wrist by trying uppercuts on an inappropriate punching bag. You can avoid it by choosing a good design like this.

There is a purpose behind designing punching bags in different forms and shapes. A choice of combat sports, training goals, and strikes can help you pick the best.