Top 8 Latex Mattresses And Brands in India

Do you want to find the ideal latex mattress that will give you a great night’s sleep and ensure you are comfortable and well-rested the whole night? Look no further! This article has compiled a list of India’s eight best latex mattress in India to guide you to the best choice. Whether you seek a luxurious, supportive, or firm mattress, these mattresses are there for you. Therefore, just relax and enjoy the show as we lead you through the best options in the market right now.

What is a Latex Mattress?

Latex mattresses continue to gain immense popularity in the Indian markets largely due to the unique features and health benefits that they themselves come with. At the core of a latex mattress, either natural or synthetic Latex is located, which is enveloped by a few layers of foam or other materials intended to give additional support and comfort. Natural Latex from the sap of rubber trees and synthetic Latex produced by chemical methods are the two main latex materials. Natural Latex has often been considered a “green” alternative to the synthetic option. Sleepwell latex plus mattress prices are premium because they are uniquely distinguished by their qualities, as well as potential health benefits, which have stimulated their popularity among Indian consumers who are looking for innovative sleep solutions.

Benefits of Latex Mattresses

Latex mattress online provide a list of advantages that make them a justifiable purchase for anyone who wants to improve their sleep quality:

  1. Comfort and Support:

The notable reason why people opt for latex mattresses is because of their excellent level of comfort and support. Compared to conventional mattresses, Latex has this unique property of fitting right into the body’s curves, thus offering individually tailored support. It is highly responsive compared to memory foam, which may sink in too much, and king size spring mattress, which could cause pressure points.

  1. Durability:

Another good advantage of latex mattresses is their durability. The natural Latex is known for its longevity, and with proper care, it can last up to twenty years. Thus, it is an ideal option for long-term investment in your sleep quality. They keep their shape and firmness even in time. Therefore, you will enjoy the same support from the beginning to the end of the life of your mattress.

  1. Hypoallergenic:

Latex mattresses are ideal for those with allergic or sensitive characteristics. The material is self-resistant due to its natural ability to prevent the development of mould, mildew and dust mites- an allergy.

That is why people with respiratory problems or sensitive skin choose them.

  1. Temperature Regulation:

The open-cell structure of the natural Latex promotes the free movement of air, which removes the trapped hot air that causes discomfort while sleeping. That is why it is a perfect solution for hot sleepers or living in warm climates.

  1. Bounce Factor:

Natural bounce is one of the main features of Latex, which also makes it feel very comfortable, and it provides excellent motion isolation so that no matter what your partner does, you won’t be disturbed by any of his movements during the night.

  1. Environmentally Friendly:

As concerns about sustainability spread worldwide, many people select natural alternative mattresses made from rubber and not synthetic materials used in traditional mattresses. This benefits the environment and your health because you sleep on a non-toxic material every night.

  1. Customization:

Latex mattresses have a broad range of firmness ratings designed for different body types and sleep preferences. Some brands even provide split options for couples with other preferences regarding their firmness.

The mix of comfort, support, durability and health benefits embedded in latex mattresses make them the most preferred option by consumers in India. Nowadays, with the vast number of brands and models on the market, choosing the matching latex mattress for your needs is much more convenient.

Best Latex Mattresses in India

1) SleepWell’s Latex Plus Mattress:

SleepWell’s Latex Plus Mattress isn’t just a mattress; it’s your ticket to dreamland. Imagine sinking into the embrace of premium European knitted fabric, each night wrapping you in luxury. The Sleepwell Latex Plus® foam isn’t just about sleep; it’s about how you feel when you wake up—refreshed, revitalized, ready. With Profiled Sleepwell Resitec® foam, you’re not just sleeping; you’re floating on a cloud of comfort. And it doesn’t stop there. Engineered Side wall technology means your mattress stays strong, just like your slumber. But wait—there’s more! That annoying slip-and-slide? History, thanks to the anti-skid bottom fabric. SleepWell’s Latex Plus Mattress isn’t just the best mattress in India—it’s the only choice for those who take their sleep seriously. Why settle for less when you can sleep with the best?

The Springtek 100% Natural Latex Dunlop Mattress is a premium bedding option that promises to deliver a sweat-free sleeping experience. This mattress is available in different thicknesses, offering flexibility for various preferences. It’s constructed with 85-density natural certified Latex, which is designed to provide a plush yet supportive feel, ranking medium soft on the firmness scale. The mattress’s design is focused on delivering better recovery and performance, with a structure that supports spinal alignment and offers pressure relief. Its breathability is a boon for hot sleepers, keeping you cool throughout the night. Additionally, this mattress is ideal for those with allergies. Thanks to its non-toxic and organic nature. Springtek stands behind the quality and comfort of its Natural Latex Dunlop Mattress, making it a substantial investment.

3) Dreamzee Vilasa:

Dreamzee’s Vilasa Natural Latex Mattress is a haven of comfort designed for those seeking a peaceful slumber. This product is made from 100% organic fabric and stuffed with plush organic cotton, and therefore, it provides a non-allergenic and breathable comfort to the skin. At its centre, the mattress consists of 100% natural Dunlop latex, which is fully made without any synthetic materials; thus, naturally pure and safe mattress. Ideal for providing great back support, it has a medium comfort level that caters to a perfect balance between softness and firmness. The mattress is durable, reversible, and features motion isolation for undisturbed rest, alongside temperature control technology for year-round comfort.

4) MM Foam’s Bloom Mattress:

The Bloom Mattress by MM Foam offers a tranquil sleeping experience with its 100% organic natural latex construction. Esteemed for its hypoallergenic properties, this mattress is a safe haven for those with allergies, promising a night free from irritants. The MM Foam’s six-decade history of mattress craftsmanship is evident in this product, targeted at different sleep styles. It is supported by a highly rated 17-year warranty, which reflects its long-lasting and high-quality build. The inclusion of free microfiber pillows adds to the allure, making the Bloom Mattress a wise choice for a comforting, natural sleep environment.

5) Serta i-Latex Mattress:

The Serta i-Latex Mattress is for people seeking a comfortable and refreshing sleep. It uses premium materials and advanced technology to give the user the best support and comfort. The mattress is available in various sizes, with thickness options to fit the requirements of the different customers. Serta mattresses are designed to optimize proper sleep so that you can feel re-energized. The plush pillow tops could be your choice if you’re after a lavish feel. You could choose an alternative and firmer mattress that better supports your body. Serta is the company that uses the newest sleep technologies; therefore, each mattress from them ensures a good night’s sleep.

6) Grassberry’s Dual Comfort 100% Natural Latex Mattress:

Grassberry’s Dual Comfort 100% Natural Latex Mattress is tailored for those seeking relief from back pain, offering a comfortable sleep. It combines two densities of natural Latex – 90D for firm support and 70D for a softer touch, catering to different body weights and preferences. The mattress is multifunctional and gives more support to the spine and joints but also for contouring and pressure relief. The low price tag and the 15-year warranty that comes with it make it a long-term comfort and satisfaction guarantee.

For more information, you can visit Grassberry’s product page.

7) Nilkamal Sleep’s Ecoair Latex Mattress:

The latex mattress from Nilkamal Sleep brings together the science of sleeping and the purity of nature, infused into a sleeping solution which is both comfortable and supportive. It is 100% natural latex, and thus, it has a special hypoallergenic quality that makes it a suitable type for all sleepers, including those prone to allergies. The mattress is designed to give balanced body pressure hence, no matter your sleeping position. You will still have your spine well supported. Enveloped in a Tencel soft cover, it unites the toughness of Latex with environmental protection, giving you a long-lasting, eco-friendly sleeping product.

8) Home One’s Relax Natural Latex Mattresses:

Homeone’s Relax Natural Latex Mattresses are designed for optimum comfort and support. They are made from eco-friendly, efficient materials with a natural latex foam core, which supports your body shape. This is the way to get correct pressure relief and spinal alignment. The breathable cover of the mattress promotes airflow that regulates temperature for a peaceful sleep. Furthermore, these mattresses are hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and dust mites resistant, hence very suitable for individuals with allergies or respiratory concerns. For more information, you can go to the product page on Homeone’s website.


A latex mattress is an excellent investment with a significant potential to improve your sleep quality. It is no wonder that mattresses with their special characteristics, like pressure relief and hypoallergenic properties, are so much in demand in India. A thorough evaluation of the eight best brands that we highlighted will help in the selection of the perfect latex mattress to fit your needs and ensure you get a comfortable and restful sleep. Say goodbye to unrestful nights and hello to a healthier and happier you with one of these extraordinary latex mattresses. Buy a mattress online and enjoy your sweet dreams!

I’ve already made this clear a couple of times before that Sleepwell has to be number 1 and the 2nd brand has to be Kurl On always.

Kurl on doesn’t offer latex mattress. At the bottom of the content I am attaching a screenshot. Please refer.

Add a rubberised coir mattress from Kurl On. I’ve explained the mattress’s feature in another file.

This mattress from Kurl On has rubberised coir, which is basically coir (coconut fibers) treated with latex solution. It is a natural material since both latex and coconut fibers are naturally occurring. Please talk about this.