Top Five One-Day International Matches Between India And Pakistan

One would be hard-pressed to think of a sporting event that would be filled with greater fervent nationalism than a contest between India and Pakistan. It is anticipated that individuals in both nations will watch, which would make it the event that the greatest number of people in the annals of human history have ever watched simultaneously anywhere in the world. The actual competitions have, in awe-inspiring fashion, lived up to the sky-high expectations that spectators have.

Whether it was a six-struck off the last ball or a wicket taken in the last over, fans from both India and Pakistan have vivid memories of the India vs. Pakistan encounter that they regard to be their favorite and one can see these moments via cricket live video. Tea drinkers in Karachi and Mumbai frequently engage in animated discussions about the sporting competitions that they pay the greatest attention to while they are sipping their hot beverages

  • In 1996, the Pepsi Sharjah CUP –

When India and Pakistan squared off against one another in cricket matches in Sharjah, it was always a very exciting experience to watch them compete against one another. A sizeable population of people who are not originally from the country now consider Sharjah to be their permanent place of residence. The overwhelming majority of these people are originally from either India or Pakistan. Therefore, the circumstances are the same for both teams as if they were competing against one another in their own backyards. In addition, the temperature and the playing conditions are extremely comparable to those that they are accustomed to experiencing at their typical training grounds.

In this historic match for the Pepsi Sharjah Cup, India scored more than 300 runs for the first time in a One-Day International competition. India and Pakistan competed against one another in the match. The fact that India was able to post a total score of 300, which was sufficient to win by a margin of 28 runs, came as something of a surprise to everyone. The fact that Sachin Tendulkar and Navjot Singh Sidhu each scored a century was a significant contributor to India’s success in accomplishing their goal.

  • Visakhapatnam (2005), –

This match was played on a worldwide stage to establish that MS Dhoni has arrived as a player of world-class cricket who should be taken seriously. The fact that this match was really played provides evidence of this point. His extraordinary 123-ball knock included strokes that, during the whole of cricket’s long history, only a select few players had ever been willing to try. Fans on both sides of the border appreciated how courageous he was when he went into the batter’s box and how collected he was while the game was in action. Fans on both sides of the border liked how fearless he was when he stepped into the batter’s box.

All three of India’s most famous cricket players, Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, and Sourav Ganguly, were placed in the batting order on that particular day. Tendulkar, Dravid, and Ganguly are all household names in the world of cricket. On the other hand, everyone agreed that Dhoni’s performance was the most noteworthy part of the show, and they applauded him for it.

The Specsavers Third Test is currently being played out at the Third Asia Cup in 2012, which is being held in Thailand. It may be reached from both India and England due to its central location. It is now the third day of the match, which has already been completed.

  • Asia Cup(2012) –

Because of Virat Kohli’s outstanding performance at the plate, this contest will go down in history as yet another in which the team racked up more than 300 runs. Virat Kohli did a fantastic job of setting up the chase and getting things ready for it.

Pakistan had given India a daunting 329-run target. In the course of his innings, Virat Kohli scored an astounding 148 runs, demonstrating once and for all why he deserves the title “King of the Chase.” Then, with more than two overs still to go, he assisted India in surpassing Pakistan’s score.

The Rothmans Four-Nation Cup was held in Sharjah, which is located in the United Arab Emirates, in the year 1985.

●      The Rothmans Four-Nation Cup in Sharjah 1985-

There were millions of fans in India and Pakistan, and all of them can still recall every single detail that took place during this game. Both the dogged tenacity of the team headed by Kapil Dev and Imran Khan’s incredible bowling will go down in history as two of the most iconic moments in the sport of cricket. As soon as Imran eliminated every single batsman in India’s batting lineup for 125 runs, the game was over, and the spectators prepared themselves for a very unusual one-sided encounter between India and Pakistan.

Despite this, India bounced back with a rather outstanding bowling effort. They were able to achieve victory over Pakistan and make it one of the most memorable victories in their history because to the fact that they restricted Pakistan to only 87 runs during the match.

  • AsiaCup (1986) –

This was the final match of the Asia Cup in 1986. Both of these teams gave really strong performances in the cricket match. Gavaskar scored 92 valuable runs, which contributed to India setting a challenging total of 245 runs for Pakistan to achieve. On the other hand, it’s unrealistic to expect someone to recall everything.

Everyone recalls the incredible shot that Javed Miandad made to hit Chetan Sharma’s penultimate delivery of the 50th over far into the stands, which gave Pakistan a win that would be remembered for a long time in the annals of cricket history. This was the first successful attempt of its kind for Pakistan, and it led to their victory. As a result of this performance, Miandad will be remembered as “the guy who destroyed a billion hearts.”

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