Understanding term insurance: All you must know

Amidst the cacophony of honking horns and the hustle and bustle of office life, two friends, Nimisha, and Zoha, found solace in their daily chai breaks. Nimisha, a prudent financial planner, and Zoha, a risk-taker, had always shared contrasting financial ideologies. But on this particular afternoon, their conversation took a different turn as they decided to delve into term insurance.

As they sipped on their steaming cups of chai, Nimisha began explaining the significance of term insurance. “Zoha,” she said, “Term insurance is like a safety net for your family. This is not an investment but one of the crucial financial options you can add to your portfolio.”

Zoha raised an eyebrow, intrigued. “Why is it so crucial?” she asked.

Nimisha went on to elucidate the top benefits of buying a term insurance plan –

Debt repayment

It helps in repaying outstanding loans, preventing your family from being burdened by debt. If you have loans like a home loan or a personal loan, the death benefit from term insurance can be used to clear these debts. This ensures that your family doesn’t have to shoulder the burden of repaying loans when you’re not there.

Financial security

Term policy offers the required financial cushion to your family member on the occasion of your unanticipated death. Post your death, your beneficiaries receive lump sum funds called death benefits. This fund can assist your family members in covering regular expenditures, mortgage payments, and meeting other financial obligations.

Income replacement

The payout ensures that your family’s regular expenses are covered even in your absence. Your family can use the insurance payout to replace your income. This means they can continue to meet their everyday needs, including groceries, utility bills, and school fees, maintaining their quality of life.

Tax benefits

Premiums paid and the death benefit received are eligible for tax deductions under Section 80C and 10(10D). This means you can enjoy tax benefits while securing your family’s financial future, making term insurance a tax-efficient financial tool.

Affordable premiums

Term insurance offers high coverage at affordable premiums, making it accessible for most income groups. Compared to other life insurance options, term insurance tends to have lower premiums, allowing individuals with various income levels to afford substantial coverage.

Mental peace

Being aware that your dependents are financially secure can offer considerable mental peace. The emotional comfort of knowing your family members will be taken care of well when you are not present is invaluable.

Additional riders

You can enhance your term plan with riders like critical illness and accidental death benefits. These riders provide additional coverage, addressing specific risks and providing extra protection for you and your family.


You can choose the policy term and coverage amount based on your needs. Term insurance plans offer flexibility, allowing you to tailor the policy to align with your specific financial goals and responsibilities.

Wealth preservation

It helps in preserving your accumulated wealth and assets for your family’s future. Term insurance ensures that your hard-earned assets and savings are not depleted to meet immediate financial needs, safeguarding your family’s financial legacy.

No maturity value

Term insurance doesn’t offer a maturity benefit, keeping the focus solely on providing protection. This simplicity ensures that the primary purpose of term insurance, which is financial security, is never compromised.

Inflation protection

The assured amount is adjusted for inflation. This ensures its actual value stays intact. Term policy keeps pace with the increasing expenses, assuring the payout stays sufficient and relevant to mitigate future expenditures.

No investment risk

Unlike conventional insurance plans, term plans do not have any risk involved. Your premium is totally for the insurance cover, eliminating any concerns linked with investment performance.

Customised plans

Insurers provide various plans to cater to distinct needs, involving online plans for tech-savvy folks. You can select a plan that matches your lifestyle and preferences whether you prefer online or traditional policies.

Quick claim settlement

The claim settlement process is usually straightforward, ensuring your family gets the financial support when they need it the most. Term insurance claims are generally settled swiftly, reducing the financial stress on your family during a difficult time.

High cover amounts

You can secure substantial coverage, ensuring your family’s financial goals are met. Term insurance allows you to select a coverage amount that aligns with your family’s long-term financial requirements.

Premium payment options

Choose from annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly premium payment modes. This flexibility in premium payment options allows you to manage your policy in a way that fits your financial situation.

No waiting period

The coverage is effective from day one, with no waiting period. As soon as your policy is active, you and your family are protected, eliminating any waiting time for coverage to kick in.

Nominee’s financial independence

Your nominee receives the sum assured, which can help them achieve financial independence. The insurance payout empowers your nominee to pursue their goals and aspirations, even if you’re not there to support them financially.

Legacy planning

It enables you to leave a legacy for your loved ones, allowing them to achieve their dreams and aspirations. By securing your family’s future, you leave behind a legacy that supports their goals and ambitions.

No surrender value

Term insurance doesn’t offer any surrender value, ensuring you stay committed to your financial goals. This characteristic encourages policyholders to maintain their coverage and not cash it in prematurely.

Zoha was visibly impressed with the benefits term insurance had to offer. “I never thought term plans could be this comprehensive,” she admitted.

Nimisha smiled and said, “Term plan might not serve as an investment, but it forms a crucial portion of your financial planning. It ensures that your family’s dreams and aspirations are never compromised, even if you are not around to fulfil them.”

As they finished their chai, Nimisha and Zoha vowed to explore term insurance plans further, recognising that financial security was indeed the foundation for a stable future. With knowledge and determination, they started their journey towards securing their family’s well-being, one step at a time.