Vietnamese hair extensions: The most popular hair items


As the worldwide hair market is growing more rapidly, the demand for hair extensions from Vietnam also rises higher. This blog will provide you with the most detailed information of Vietnamese hair extensions and top places to buy them.

1. Vietnamese hair extensions are some of the best in the market

It’s no doubt to say that hair extensions from Vietnam are one of the best products in the world hair market nowadays. These are the factors which make its premium quality.

1.1. Clear origin of Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese hair extensions are sourced from raw hair of minorities in rural areas. Hair extensions from Vietnam have never been chemically used or heat styling as rural people take care of their hair very carefully and they even have their own herbal hair care routine. After being collected, the hair will be sorted out and processed thoroughly by manufacturers to make sure Vietnamese hair extensions have the best quality. 

1.2. Outstanding features of Vietnamese hair extensions

Beside its clear origin, hair extensions from Vietnam also have some amazing features which will persuade customers to purchase them. 

  • Premium quality: Vietnamese hair extensions are smooth, strong, straight and have a natural black due to the non-chemical using and non-heat styling routine of rural people. All these hair features are rare to find in any hair from other countries. 
  • Easy to style: As Vietnamese hair extensions are straight and strong, customers can curl, straighten or dye the product without worrying it will be damaged. Hair extensions from Vietnam will remain strong even if you bleach them into many color tones. 
  • Durability: Due to the healthy lifestyle and herbal hair care routine of the donors, Vietnamese hair extensions are very strong and durable. With proper care, they can last up to 2 years, which will benefit the customers as they wouldn’t have to change the hair extensions regularly and save a large amount of money. 
  • Versatility: With Vietnamese hair extensions products, you can create any hairstyles that you want. Hair extensions from Vietnam can fit your style and help you gain confidence in any occasion. 

With these outstanding features, Vietnamese hair extensions is definitely one of the best products in the worldwide hair market. 

1.3. Affordability of Vietnamese hair extensions

Despite its premium quality, Vietnamese hair extensions are among the most affordable hair items in the world hair industry. Hair extensions from Vietnam are not only sourced from donors with high-quality hair but also get processed thoroughly by the manufacturers, as a result, the cost of Vietnamese hair extensions products are really worth it. 

2. Categorization of Vietnamese hair extensions 

Before purchasing hair extensions products from Vietnam, you need to know the classification of Vietnamese hair extensions first.

2.1. Virgin Vietnamese hair extensions

The best form of Vietnamese hair extensions is virgin hair, which is derived from only one donor with the cuticles remaining in place and pointing in the same direction.

  • This type of hair has never been through any chemical process so the hair is cuticles aligned.
  • Virgin hair is entirely natural, the most long-lasting and the quality among the hair strands is equal as it comes from donors with natural black, long, straight and strong hair. 
  • Virgin hair would be suitable for hair-dyeing as it only comes from 1 donor, as a result, the dye color will appear more equally compared to other hair sourced from more than 1 donor. 
  • Virgin hair will cost the most as it is derived from only 1 donor, which is really rare nowadays. 

If you want to have high-quality hair extensions without caring about the price, virgin Vietnamese hair extensions would be your best choice. 

Virgin Vietnamese hair extensions

2.2. Raw Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese raw hair extensions is unprocessed hair that has not been subjected to any sort of steam, heat or chemical treatment. It is of high-quality segment in the categorization of Vietnamese hair extensions. 

  • Vietnamese raw hair is strong, lustrous, and cuticles aligned since it is acquired from donors in rural areas who utilize herbs to care for their hair. As a result, raw hair from Vietnam will be the most long-lasting as it is unprocessed. 
  • To satisfy client demands, raw Vietnamese hair is utilized to create hair extension goods such as frontals and closures, clip-ins, tape-ins and weft hair. 

Raw Vietnamese hair extensions is also a good selection when you are considering buying hair extensions from Vietnam. 

2.3. Remy Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese Remy hair extensions are made from hair that has been obtained from two or more than 2 donors that have the same cuticle quality and hair quality, including unbroken cuticles that all follow the same direction.

  • Components of hair do not have as excellent a textural homogeneity as virgin hair. However, remy Vietnamese hair extensions’ quality is still guaranteed thanks to modern techniques and knowledgeable personnel.
  • Remy hair is frequently utilized in highlights,  high-end treatments and actual hair with a scalp because it maintains its smoothness.

Customers throughout the world frequently choose Remy Vietnamese hair extensions. The popularity of Remy Vietnamese hair extensions has increased more than ever due to its guaranteed quality and affordable price.

Remy Vietnamese hair extensions

2.4. Non-remy Vietnamese hair extensions 

Non-remy Vietnamese hair is a mixture of several hair types with broken cuticles that is acquired from numerous donors. Compared to the first two varieties of Vietnamese hair extensions, non-remy hair is of poorer quality.

  • A range of hair kinds and textures are used to create non-remy hair.
  • Non-remy hair has inconsistent directionality and unqualified hair strands. Non-Remy hair is therefore more prone to shedding and tangling. 
  • Only unreliable vendors would supply non-remy hair to customers. As a result, clients should check the products carefully before purchasing. 

Even if you just need hair extensions for a short period of time, non-remy hair extensions is not recommended as its poor quality will not help you achieve your best look. 

3. Tips to choose a trustworthy Vietnamese hair extensions factory

There have been many Vietnamese hair extensions vendors which are in operating at the moment, so in order to help you select a reliable vendor in Vietnam to purchase your hair extensions, below are the most detailed tips: 

  • Read reviews: First of all, remember to read the customers’ feedback on the Vietnamese hair extensions vendor. This is the direct factor which will show you whether the supplier is valid or not. You can search for the reviews on their websites or social media. If most of the reviews are positive, you can purchase from them comfortably, in contrast, if the reviews are mainly negative, choose another hair extensions vendor. 
  • Check quality: You should also check the hair vendor’s quality through their products and quality certifications. For their products, you can ask for samples to check whether the hair extensions are of good quality or not, moreover, you are able to go directly to their manufacturer to check the hair products if possible. Don’t forget to ask for their quality certification to see if their products are qualified. 
  • Check their websites and social media: Websites and social media are also the important factors in determining whether the Vietnamese hair extensions vendors are trustworthy or not. If they publicize all their information including the location and contact number of the company, price and range of products, pictures or videos of manufacturing process, etc, they are mostly dependable Vietnamese hair factories
  • Check their policy: If a Vietnamese hair extensions factory is valid, it will have reasonable policies for customers. A reliable hair vendor in Vietnam must have its own exchange and return policies to benefit both the hair vendor and customers. So be careful when a hair vendor in Vietnam doesn’t have clear policies when purchasing products. 

As long as you follow these tips carefully, you will have a satisfying shopping experience with Vietnamese hair extensions vendors. 

4. Top best Vietnamese hair extensions vendors 

In order to help you purchase the best hair extensions products, these following are top best hair extensions vendors in Vietnam for you to choose from.

4.1. Vin Hair Vendor – The best Vietnamese hair extensions vendor

Vin Hair Vendor, a hair extensions vendor in Vietnam, is well-known for its high-quality products and exceptional customer service. They are also setting their foot in the worldwide hair market. 

  • Products: Their products include tape-ins, clip-ins, hair wefts, closures, frontals, and other items made from Vietnamese hair. Their goods are renowned for their high caliber, toughness, and adaptability. 
  • Price: The pricing of Vin Hair’s products is reasonable; 1 kilogram of their Vietnamese hair extensions only costs $8.8. You might get better offers on things if you buy them in bulk. 
  • Policy: Vin Hair additionally has their own exchange and refund policy in place in the event that clients are unhappy with the goods or the Vietnamese hair extensions are faulty due to manufacturing errors. 

Customers from all around the world have provided Vin Hair Vendor with a lot of favorable reviews. So don’t be reluctant to choose Vin Hair. 

Vin Hair Vendor – The best Vietnamese hair extensions vendor

4.2. K-Hair – One of the best Vietnamese hair extensions vendor

Along with the aforementioned hair sellers, K-Hair is another well-known supplier of Vietnamese hair extensions that consistently receives favorable reviews from clients.

  • Products: A range of Vietnamese hair extensions options are available to customers, including: single drawn, double drawn, colored hair extensions or lace frontal closure, etc. 
  • Price: K-Hair’s products cost a little more than those of other hair providers, but the superior quality is well worth the extra money. 
  • Policy: K-Hair’s delivery return and exchange policy is putting customers’ satisfaction on top. 

When considering a purchase from a Vietnamese seller selling hair extensions, keep K-Hair in mind. 

4.3. 5S Hair Factory – One of the best Vietnamese hair extensions vendor

Since they have been in the hair industry in Vietnam for more than 30 years, 5S Hair Factory is renowned for having a wealth of knowledge in providing Vietnamese hair extensions of the highest caliber.

  • Products: Customers may select a variety of goods from 5S Hair that vary in color and length. They are also well known for their products for straight hair. 
  • Price: 5S Hair also offers goods at a reasonable cost. If you’ve been wondering ways to get hair extensions in Vietnam without going bankrupt, 5S Hair is the best option. 
  • Policy: If consumers make any errors during the shipping process or the items are flawed, 5S Hair will give them a full refund. 

Don’t forget 5S Hair when choosing your next long-term hair business partner. 

4.4. Mic Hair – One of the best Vietnamese hair extensions vendor

Over the past ten years that Mic Hair has operated in the hair industry, they have had a lot of great feedback from its consumers. 

  • Products: Customers may choose from a variety of materials, lengths, and colors of Vietnamese hair extensions at Mic Hair. 
  • Price: Compared to other Vietnamese hair sellers, Mic Hair’s prices are slightly higher, yet they are still fair. 
  • Policy: Mic Hair welcomes returns and exchanges within 30 days of the order date.

You should start your hair extension shopping at Mic Hair as well. 

4.5. Layla Hair – One of the best Vietnamese hair extensions vendor

Vietnam’s Layla Hair is a business that sells hair extensions and was established to meet local demands. 

  • Products: various lengths and hues of hair wigs and extensions.
  • Price: Relative to other Vietnamese hair sellers, rather affordable.
  • Policy: Layla Hair has a two-day return policy for goods that have not been used.

When looking for a dependable supplier of Vietnamese hair extensions, don’t overlook Layla Hair. 

Vietnamese hair extensions are some of the best in the hair market today. If you still have doubts about the quality of Vietnamese hair extensions, please refer to this article for information about hair extensions in the market: