What is a DASH: Main Facts and News

Since Bitcoin’s launch in 2009, the cryptocurrency market has experienced immense development and expansion. Investors, traders, and businesses from around the globe have flocked to this burgeoning space which has created a wave of new digital assets and blockchain-related projects. The crypto sector continues to grow with greater adoption into mainstream finance and tech industries. Many crypto assets were built based on the Bitcoin code. One of them is the DASH coin launched in 2014 based on a fork of the Bitcoin codebase. In this article, we would like to list its main features and indicate the current DASH coin price.

Facts about Crypto DASH

Here are some features to know about the DASH project:

  • DASH features a two-tier network system that enables users to send funds anonymously and securely.
  • DASH allows users to participate in the governance of the network.
  • DASH has implemented several features, such as InstantSend, which enables fast transaction confirmation times, and PrivateSend, which offers enhanced privacy for users.
  • In September 2021, DASH announced the launch of its decentralized cloud storage platform, DASH Platform, which aims to provide a secure and scalable solution for storing data on the DASH network.
  • DASH has experienced significant price fluctuations over the years, with a peak price of over $1198 in late 2017 and a low of around $32 in early 2022.

DASH continues to evolve and develop new features and partnerships, and its impact on the cryptocurrency market remains to be seen.

Crypto DASH News

In January 2023, the Dash network was targeted by an apparent attack. Fortunately, not only did the blockchain remain intact due to its inherent security system, but it also kept functioning as blocks continued being formed. The attack only had minor consequences for Dash users. It did, however, impact network infrastructure, with numerous masternodes being rendered inoperable or unresponsive. Notably, these were mainly underpowered nodes that lacked the memory to handle such a high load. Thankfully, enough of them managed to come back online shortly afterward, and ChainLocks started re-forming immediately.

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