What Makes Long-Term Holding of MX a Valuable Investment?

What is MX

MX, the native token issued by the MEXC exchange, serves as the driving force for the MEXC ecosystem. Holding MX grants benefits such as free token airdrops, trading fee discounts, and increased commission rewards. Furthermore, MEXC offers a user-friendly service, allowing instant conversion of various tokens with modest valuations into MX with just one click.

What Makes Long-Term Holding of MX a Valuable Investment

Free and Abundant Airdrop Events

MEXC is currently holding new token airdrop events, known as Launchpad and Kickstarter, where the more MX you hold, the more airdrops you can receive. Let’s take a look at the latest data:

In the past week (December 18 – December 24), MEXC organized a total of 61 Kickstarter events and 1 Launchpad event, offering a prize pool exceeding $4.5 million. From these events, participants holding a minimum of 1,000 MX had the opportunity to earn a profit of $76.72. Based on this calculation, participants can anticipate a profit of $339.76 for this month and an annual profit of $4000.4.

Looking at the data, the weekly earnings may not seem particularly high, but these events are held very frequently. According to official statistics, a total of 1,113 airdrop events were conducted in the first 11 months of the year, resulting in an impressive APY of 182.3%. Whether evaluating the yield or the cumulative aspect, the returns are noteworthy.

Even more importantly, these airdrop events offer MX holders free participation. During the events, users’ MX tokens will not be locked and can be used for trading at any time, ensuring uninterrupted liquidity and minimal risk for holders while still providing potential earnings.

Option to Offset Futures Trading Fees with MX

Currently, spot trading on MEXC incurs no fees, and users can continue to enjoy zero maker fees in futures trading. For takers in futures trading, a 0.03% fee is applied.

By transferring your MX tokens to your futures account, you can enjoy a 10% trading fee discount. Furthermore, long-term MX holders with spot holdings of 1,000 tokens or more are eligible for a trading fee discount of up to 50%. This presents an excellent option for users actively involved in high-volume futures trading.

Optimistic Outlook on the Platform’s Long-Term Development

For regular users, there is nothing more important than the security of their assets. Over the years, MEXC has developed without encountering any major security incidents, ensuring a secure, stable, and liquid platform. This stands as a key reason for the ongoing preference for MEXC.

Furthermore, MEXC engages in a quarterly buyback and burn of MX tokens, using 40% of the platform’s profits. This holds significant importance in managing token circulation and stabilizing token prices. The consistent and stable buyback process reflects the platform’s robust development, backed by ample cash flow for diverse expenses and continued growth.

A trading platform characterized by stable income, a sizable user base, and robust security is poised for long-term confidence. The platform’s native token, MX, is anticipated to have considerable room for future value appreciation.

A Surge of Over 300% in MX’s Value

Early holders of the MX token witnessed its value rise from around $1 to approximately $3 this year. At its peak, the MX token surpassed $3.5, marking a surge of over 300%.

Many still recall the price surge in exchange platforms’ native tokens, such as BNB, during the previous bull market, resulting in significant gains for holders. While the bull market is still on the horizon, the MX token has already gained notable market recognition. In conclusion, we can anticipate MX’s robust market performance as the bull market unfolds.