What You Need to Know About the Carta Focus V Vape Rig

Focus V Carta is one of the top electronic dab rigs on the market, boasting features suitable for users at all levels – even novice dabbers! You should know more about carta focus v vape rig.

Portable, rechargeable battery powered and with an app offering temperature controls and stat monitoring – making this perfect for users wishing to fine-tune their rips in their own home environment.


The Carta Focus V is a portable electric dab rig designed for easy use and providing flavorful vapor. Equipped with a large atomizer for use with various concentrates, as well as an OLED display and addressable RGB lighting system – perfect for convenient dabbing anywhere you are!

The Carta comes equipped with four customizable temperature settings that enable you to tailor your vaping experience, with long enough battery life for multiple sessions. The Carta produces tasty and flavorful vapor that stays true to its source; low heat settings preserve its original taste of concentrates.

Carta features an easily replaceable removable battery, quick recharge capability and includes a USB-C charger for fast recharging times. Plus it boasts an unrivalled quartz atomizer to add even greater satisfaction to its vaping experience!


The Carta 2 portable concentrate vaporizer features advanced features in an user-friendly design. Powered by two 18350 batteries, making it convenient to take with you wherever you go; additional power may be added by swapping out batteries if desired.

The base of the device contains rechargeable batteries and features four LED lights and a power button, along with compatibility for water filtration via glass attachment. We suggest filling it two-thirds full.

Focus V Carta is an advanced smart rig which can be controlled via smartphone app. With it you can set session times and temperatures as well as creating your own RGB light show! In addition, software updates may also be downloaded in order to maximize performance of this smart rig.

Battery life

Focus V’s Carta 2 portable concentrate vaporizer is one of the newest additions to an increasingly specialized category of portable vaporizers for concentrates – these devices offer more compact designs with ergonomic gripping handles, advanced temperature settings and durable designs than their e-nail predecessors.

This glass top bubbler offers premium diffusion to reduce harsh concentrates and deliver flavorful hits every time. Furthermore, its accommodating borosilicate carb cap prevents any of your session vapor escaping into the atmosphere and compromising your experience.

A powerful 2000 mAh battery offers ample power for multiple sessions, and is easy to charge using its convenient USB cable included in the box. You may wish to consider purchasing an external charger if possible to extend its lifespan and get more use from your Carta device.

Temperature settings

One click of the power button cycles through all available temperature settings ranging from 500degF to 842degF, giving you full control of your vaping experience. Choose low settings for smooth flavors and soft draws or turn up for thick clouds!

Focus V app can also help create customized session presets and make the Carta even more flexible.

To use the Carta, first detach the bubbler from its base and fill it with water until it reaches roughly half-way up the percolator. Screw on an atomizer and load your concentrate before switching it on for vaping! The process is quick and straightforward!


Even though its price may seem prohibitive, the Carta has become one of the most sought-after electronic dab rigs on the market. With fast heat up time and superior vapor quality, making it suitable for casual as well as advanced dabbers alike, its durable yet easy-to-clean surface proves it an excellent value proposition with sleek designs similar to that seen with Puffco Peak but at much more reasonable costs.

The Carta comes equipped with four temperature settings and a rechargeable battery that is easily replaced when its charge runs low. It is simple to use, with various accessories to enhance user experience – this machine can even be used with concentrates and dry herbs! Any concentrate lover must own one!