5 Reasons To Join PMI ACP Certification

PMI ACP is indeed the credential with exponential growth. It comes from PMI, the Project Management Institute, one of the most renowned project management organizations in the world. The most searched project management certification is still the PMP. Any business that wants to use Agile to execute & deliver projects is more drawn to those with experience in managing agile projects. They are seeking PMI Agile Certified Practitioners who are capable of executing projects using an agile mindset and methodology. The reason to choose PMI ACP certification are: –

Higher pay scale

Any accreditation would need initial expenditure on your part. an expenditure of both money and time. And if there aren’t tangible and distinct returns on your investment, you won’t make it. Regarding the financial benefit, there is excellent news for you. The PMI ACP employees make a handsome 28percent more money than their non-certified counterparts. This astounding disparity is pretty striking. Because it is quite evident that businesses will pay more for employees who have certificates. 

Adds weight to resume

After all, there aren’t many CVs with the PMI ACP flashing right now. You’ll earn more money as one of the additional PMI-ACP advantages, only after you have received your PMI-ACP certification.

Globally Recognised

As a recognized authority in project management, PMI has widespread respect in the corporate world. It has a solid reputation for upholding the criteria it has set for the certifications it offers. In other words, obtaining a PMI certificate is difficult. Each application for accreditation goes through a thorough procedure that verifies the applicants’ backgrounds in academia and the workplace. Therefore, businesses and organizations may trust that a person has been thoroughly vetted after they have passed such a certificate. Through tenacity and diligence, it “earned” a certificate. The information and abilities required to get the certificate may thus be completely trusted to have been attained.

Stand out From the Crowd

One is all aware of how PMI-ACP perks might aid in a competitive work market nowadays. Hundreds, if not thousands, of application forms are sent each week to even the typical small or midsize business. It is almost hard for every HR department to review every single CV. To determine the candidate’s suitability for the agile position, it was received and screened. Candidates whose CVs flare with PMI-ACP Certifications have an obvious edge in this case. With complete knowledge about such prospects, HR can immediately shortlist them. To state that this applicant has completed the demanding exercises required to get the certification. It may be relied upon to possess the necessary abilities needed for an agile function.

Enhancement of Interpersonal Skills

Another of the four key principles of agile is “individual people and interactions above procedures and tools,” which stresses the relevance of interpersonal skills and connections between people. Many skills that fall under the category of “people skills” will be taught to you, such as respecting others, using a feedback mechanism, and enabling others to take risks. There is no failure or any such dread. While they originate from the agile community, each of these abilities has equal value and applicability to their circumstances and lives.


The PMI ACP is now one of the highly sought-after certificates and is likely to stay that way for the near future as a growing number of organizations and businesses go from predictive towards agile-based delivery of the project. Therefore, the importance of PMI ACP training cannot be negated. It requires commitment and effort; the investment is worthwhile. Nothing worthwhile is easy, right?