How to Engage Your Child in Active Math Learning

Math is the backbone of education, and it needs to be taught to children from a young age. However, most children, regardless of their age, find math to be more challenging and less interesting than most subjects.

But math does not have to be boring at all. Activity-based math games can help kids actively engage in math learning and enhance their skills. Many such ideas can be implemented to help your kid find math interesting and learn new concepts. There are modern apps like Creta Class India that provide fun-loving activities for kids to help them master math. 

So, if you are looking for ways to help your child engage in math using fun activities, you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss several math activities concluded by Creta Class that can be helpful in enhancing your child’s math engagement.

Why Choose Math Activities for Kids

New mathematical ideas are first introduced to children when they are as young as 3 to 4 years old. Therefore, playful and harmless games are a great way to teach math skills like counting, identifying shapes, observing, etc.

There is math all around us, and simply allowing the kids to identify it is all that is required. Creta Class hopes kids can accept math smoothly without only thinking it is a subject to learn. Parents can choose from different math activities for kids that can make learning the subject fun. Besides, children can continue learning something new about math while performing daily tasks.

5 Popular Math Learning Activities

Children can learn math concepts through a variety of entertaining games. Gone are the days when math learning was limited to traditional education. Today, there are math activities that can help all kids, especially those who are a bit weak in math and need special attention.  

The courses designed by Creta Class take 15 mins per day with vivid animation and instant feedback in app to encourage kids to keep concentrating and learn math happily. Check out five such math learning activities here:

  • Solve Puzzles

Several math puzzles available in the market can help your child ace their skills. Playing fun games using dice, cubes, and cards can be fun and effective too. Problem-solving, analyzing, and basic mathematical operations will help them play such games.

  • Learn While You Organize

Teach your kids to sort objects such as toys according to shape or type and keep them in separate boxes. It is a great exercise and will help them learn to identify shapes and sizes simultaneously. Organizing also proves vital in assisting them in learning how to recognize colors and other objects quickly. 

  • Play Using FlashCards

Flashcards are very helpful in teaching children about math. You can write down some mathematical facts on one side of the card, and your child has to answer them. Place these cards in random orders and let them master the subject quickly.

  • Board Games

Several board games require a certain level of mathematical skills. Your kid will have to keep track of the points, tokens, etc. Thus, in some way or another, your child is getting exposure to numbers and relevant mathematical concepts.

Benefits of Math Activities for Young Kids

There are several benefits of math-based activities for young children. Through these, they learn a lot about math that lays the foundation of their math education. Many parents look for free math worksheets for kids as it helps them practice more often. 

Creta Class provides math learning class to introduce kids between the age 3-8 to very basic concepts in a fun way. Kids can learn to break down a problem and solve it in smaller steps with animation instructions.


If you are trying to find a way to engage your kids in active math learning, we hope the information mentioned above will be helpful. Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the issue of disengaged children, so you must consider your child’s individual needs along with these recommendations.

In case you are looking for a platform where you can introduce fun math activities to your kids, then click here to visit Creta Class and learn more about these math learning activities.