Golden Tips How to Write a Thesis Introduction

The introduction is the first encounter a reader will have with your ideas. It must capture his imagination such that he desires to read deeper into the paper. The introduction is also a chance to lay the foundation for your discussion, informing the reader what to expect in your work. The reader decides whether the paper is worth his time. 


A thesis introduction appears at the beginning of the paper. But must you write it before the other chapters? What should it include? Here is a guide to help you to produce the most compelling thesis introduction. 

Hire thesis writing help

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Use samples and examples 

Samples and examples give you an idea of what is expected at the end of the writing process. For instance, it will give you an idea of the language of introductory chapters. It boosts your confidence that you are executing the instructions accurately. In the process, you will increase your writing speed. 

Pick samples and examples from credible sources. The library is the most reliable source of samples and examples. Discuss their use with your supervisor to ensure that they meet the required standards. A poor-quality sample will mislead you, resulting in a poor grade. 

Keep it short 

The introduction is only supposed to interest your reader in your discussion. Too many details will spoil the suspense. Use words and questions that arouse his curiosity to dig deeper into your work. 

Quote an authority on the subject 

Put the discussion into context by quoting an authority on the subject. Such authoritative quotes authenticate your ideas. You must read extensively to find the most appropriate quote for an introduction. Use the best thesis writing services to help you to draft the best paper without the trouble of literature review or tough writing rules. 

Provide figure or statistics 

Statistics can be used to replace or explain an entire paragraph. Find statistics that capture your perspective on the subject and include it in your writing. The figures should come from authoritative sources. They must also be used in the right context. They reduce the words in your introduction, enabling you to say more in the least words possible. 

An interesting introduction compels readers to dig deeper into your paper. Use qualified samples to guide you through the introduction. Hiring writing services will make thesis writing easier and more enjoyable. You will produce a captivating paper without the trouble of sitting in the library for long hours or missing other interesting engagements.