All You Need To Know About Memory Foam Mattresses

In the quest to find the best sleep comfort solution, premium brands like Wakefit have adopted the use of memory foam in their mattresses today. Renowned for its ability to provide a luxurious sleep experience, memory foam mattresses are increasingly becoming the top choice for consumers for various reasons. Whether you are a curious newcomer on the boat of a memory foam mattress or a seasoned user looking to buy a memory foam mattress online, this article lists out everything you need to know to enhance your sleep experience!

Why use Memory Foam?

Memory foam was initially developed by NASA in the 1960’s to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. It wasn’t until the early 90s that the same filling found its way into the daily life of consumers, through mattresses. 

Composed of polyurethane and additional chemicals, memory foam has increased viscosity and density making it ‘viscoelastic’. Due to the internal structure of the foam, memory foam mattresses are thicker making it supportive to the sleeper. Here are some of the benefits of using memory foam in mattresses:

Zero Movement transfer

This is one of the top reasons why families who share beds prefer a memory foam mattress. Whether you have a restless partner or a toddler who loves to turn 360 degrees in deep sleep, the density and responsiveness of a memory foam mattress ensure there is zero transfer of movement that can disturb your sleep.

Contouring Property

Memory foam mattresses have the innate ability to contour into the shape of the sleeping position of the user and return to its normal position after use. Ongoing research confirms that this property can reduce discomfort in the sleeper thereby promoting better spinal alignment. 

Relief in pressure points

Memory foam also offers reliable pressure relief by supporting the key pressure points- head, neck, shoulders and hips. A well-supported body leads to undisturbed, quality sleep.

No Noise

No matter how much you or your partner toss around in bed, be assured that a memory foam mattress will not creak like the loud spring mattresses. 


Owing to its structure, memory foam mattresses do not collect dust particles nor have crevices for dust mites to reside. 


Memory foam mattresses are layered such that there is plenty of air circulation within, allowing low or no heat retention. This makes the mattress a delight to sleep in with no heaty awakenings!

How do Memory Foam Mattresses Work?

Memory foam mattresses use body heat as the trigger to soften and contour the surface into your body shape. This allows for optimal support and relaxation. Memory foam has multiple layers depending on two factors:

  • Thickness: This refers to the height of the mattress. While standard options are available, many brands offer customisation too.
  • Firmness: Different users may need different levels of firmness. This too is customisable by brands like Wakefit, keeping optimal comfort and sleep experience in mind. If you are looking for more support, opt for mattresses with high to medium firmness levels.

The Different Types of Memory Foam Mattresses:

There are many different types of memory foam mattresses available in the market today. Many brands offer orthopaedic support that ensures all pressure points are comforted while others offer breathable support to keep the mattress cool. Some premium mattress manufacturers also offer hybrid versions that can accommodate traditional models to the latest technology in memory foam. Here are the top types of memory foam mattresses to choose from depending on your personal preferences:

  • Traditional Memory Foam Mattress: This is the traditional foam that has a closed cell structure offering a compact surface to rest on. Perfect for contouring into your body as you cradle into deep sleep.
  • Open Cell Memory Foam: These are similar to sponges and offer a cooler surface to sleep on.
  • Gel Foam Mattresses: The latest in mattress technology, memory foam mattresses with a gel infusion help keep mattresses in shape and remain cool. These are some of the most expensive mattresses in comparison to other options. 

How To Choose A Mattress That Suits You:

Buying a mattress online can feel daunting especially if you are unable to test it. Here are our top tips on how to buy mattress online for your chosen bed frame:

  1. Measure: Measure up the dimensions of your bed frame before selecting your mattress. This will save you mishaps on the order where the mattress does not fit in correctly.
  2. Comfort: Keep your mattress firmness levels and comfort a priority. Soft firmness levels provide very little support to the body while medium-hard firmness levels can cater to all body types.
  3. Return policy: Buying a mattress is a long term investment. Ensure to buy it from a brand that has a seamless exchange policy.

Memory foam mattresses have a life span of 7 to 10 years, it’s important to use mattress protectors to ensure a longer life span. Choosing Wakefit’s mattresses means, they come with high-quality carbon manganese pocketed springs with memory foam that helps hold its original shape without the mattress losing shape.