A Time-Tested Dissertation Writing Schedule – Manage Your Masterpiece

Your dissertation writing is an endless project. Feeling overwhelmed by the workload for your dissertation journey is normal. But do you know you can make it manageable by making a dissertation writing schedule? Making a schedule will help you to know the value of time. As a result, you can use it productively. 

The University of Cambridge reports that there are almost 11,000 Cambridge PhD theses that are deposited annually by PhD graduates. The number fluctuates and mostly sees an increase every year. For many students, dissertation writing and making this journey manageable is a high concern. That is why the below-mentioned guide is meant for. Here we will discuss how to make a realistic timetable to use your time effectively. 

However, a timetable is only of use if you follow it strictly. Most of the students find it hard to follow it. There is not enough room for flexibility, so becoming focused on your goal seems difficult. For such students who are distracted by numerous tasks, can ask experts to write my dissertation to protect them from future harm. They have experience in academic writing and followed countless timetables previously. So, you can get a hassle-free sample without compromising quality. 

Now, let us dive deep into our main topic. 

How Do You Write a Dissertation Timetable?

To write a realistic dissertation writing schedule, you need to highlight the key stages, the specific milestones to achieve, and the deadlines for the submission. If you are looking for the top ways that can help draft a dissertation writing plan, continue reading. 

Top 5 Ways to Craft a Schedule for Dissertation Writing

Making your dissertation writing schedule may seem daunting. In considering the complex dissertation task, students don’t know where to start and bind up the plan. To assist the process, find below the top 5 ways to divide the whole task into manageable chunks. 

  • Set Your Goals 

Just making a dissertation writing schedule and not noticing dates on the dissertation writing calendar can’t be a productive step. Rather you need to set goals that can become a source of inspiration in your writing journey. It will motivate you to start from scratch and then keep going because of the progress you have been making on the way. 

You can receive little reminders from your timetable that compel you to be focused on your goal rather than the timely trouble. So, make a plan that can define your goals clearly. It should depict the final picture of your project. 

  • Figure Out Daily and Weekly Schedule 

Plan your dissertation writing schedule to work for certain hours daily and weekly. Some people spend at least two hours per day. Some intend to write two pages per day. It’s up to you to figure out the routine that works for you. 

There is no need to stress yourself with a heavy workload. Remember consistency is the key. For instance, you should spend some hours daily on your dissertation writing and research process. However, missing one day per week may also be helpful to rejoice for the next week. 

  • Create a Worksheet for Your Week

For making a weekly worksheet for the master’s dissertation writing schedule, write the number of days per week on a blank paper across the top. List the number of hours you are awake in a day. Now make a grid to differentiate the dissertation and non-designation hours. 

Never miss to leave room for leisure and social activities. Otherwise, you will soon be exhausted by the same routine, and it will come up with academic writer’s block.  

  • Prioritise Important Tasks 

You need to know which task is the most pressurising in the dissertation writing schedule for prioritising your tasks. You should also know which tasks are less important that can be kept for later or even eliminated. For instance, if you are wasting your energies to know the referencing format of journals and making a list on your world document is just a waste of time. 

Rather you can simply go through the journals and copy the referencing format. It would be productive to use this valuable time to make drafts of chapters. Plus, you can also visit your institution’s library to review books or ask for help from your supervisor. 

  • Limit Activities Other Than Dissertation Writing 

Although you have several obligations in your life, you need to focus on your goal here. Even a student allows himself to be in a framework for the last two months before exams. The ultimate goal is to achieve good grades. The same is the case with your dissertation writing schedule. 

If you are not ready to compromise your other activities then it is most likely that you can’t complete the writing process in the given time frame. In such cases, avail yourself of dissertation help services from reputable sources. They can provide you with customised solutions to your queries. Just frequently talk to an expert to check his progress and make necessary changes if needed. 

How Many Hours Does It Take to Write a Dissertation?

It depends on the dissertation level. The undergraduate dissertation writing schedule is not as lengthy as PhD dissertation so the time spent will be accordingly. According to Northumbria University, an undergraduate dissertation is 40 credit hours so it should at least take 300-400 hours. However, for a postgraduate student, the credit hours increase up to 60. So, the dissertation writing must take 400-600 hours. 

How Many Hours Does It Take to Write A 10000 Word Dissertation?

Writing 10,000 words is almost a 4.2-hour job for a writer. But for dissertation writing, it is different. Capitalize My Title says that on average it takes 250 minutes to write a 10,000-word dissertation. 

What Should Be Included in A Dissertation Timeline?

Whenever making a dissertation writing schedule you must include every element of your dissertation. It must accompany every fine detail from the abstract to the conclusion. 

Dissertation Writing Schedule Template

A chart has been created by the University of Leicester that can help generate a dissertation writing plan. 


The importance of the dissertation writing schedule has been addressed well in the above-mentioned guide. Dissertation writing itself is a hectic process. And if you just start writing it haphazardly then it is likely to introduce bad outcomes.  To help the student prepare for writing their dissertation, the guide has presented the top five easy-to-make realistic timetables. 

However, the level of your dissertation must also be considered. For undergraduate and PhD dissertation writing schedules, the instructions may be different. Also, its plan will differ depending on the total length of your document. Stick to the timetable and get ready to be winning among all.